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Dailo Fett is the genetically engineered daughter of Boba Fett. She was born on Kamino two years after the destruction of the second Death Star and the Battle of Endor. She spent a small portion of her young life on Kamino in the care of her father and his partner, Endir O'Dora, but her earliest memories were of the planet Arisnar. There she lived a rather happy childhood with her father and Endir -- a twi'lek she would know more as a mother than anything else.

Her other past times incorporated a close relationship with the Empress of Arisnar, their siblings, and the noble court that constituted the governing body of the system. She, and the Empress, are best friends; advantageous too, given the diabolical nature of the court and the evil it inspires among those who would see the royal family harmed. Dailo's friendship was both strategic and fulfilling an honor oath that protected the throne, but to Dailo, who was unaware of the larger scheme, it meant she could protect her best friend.

Dailo's service extended to something more official, an ennobled position in the Royal Security Forces that saw her training put to use. While the court named her Lady Dailo, Dailo never truly felt like she belonged. Something distant called to her in her dreams; something darker, bloodier, and more glorified; the life of the Mando'ade; the life of a Fett.

Known Information

The Fetts have fallen into obscurity over the last decades. Only those with intimate knowledge of the Skywalkers and Solos know of how the Fetts played a role -- specifically Boba Fett. Soon after his escape from the sarlacc pit of Tatooine, Boba became aloof and isolated, with only a handful of people truly knowing his fate. His story has become a legend, and so his daughter enters the wider galaxy with few knowing the infamous acts of Boba Fett.

If you have any reason to know of Boba Fett, please feel free to RP as such. If you have any questions about Boba Fett's history, please contact Dailo or Cujo.

OOC NOTE: Dailo Fett is considered an original feature character of SW: Age of Alliances. She started as an NPC in the earlier AOA timeline in Boba Fett and Endir O'Dora's story arcs.

Quirks and Features

Dailo was trained by her father in the martial arts -- from unarmed combat to blaster wielding. She is a Mandalorian according to the rites of the Verd'goten -- the coming of age ceremony that all True Mandalorians go through at the age of thirteen. She possesses her own unique beskar'gam, but she only wears it when it's warranted.

Unlike her father, Dailo possesses a balanced optimism and is more likely to think with her heart instead of her head.

Bucking against the usual characteristics of being a Fett, Dailo is more apt to do the 'right thing' over something sinister.

Dailo's morals change when someone intends her, or her father, harm. She takes insults seriously and was raised to recognize every threat as a challenge.