Darius Wildes

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Standing here is a human male looking to roughly be an inch or two over six feet and having a normal build to match his height. He has straight black hair that is shaggy in nature, and two green eyes that sits upon a rather chiseled face, that is filled in with a trimmed beard. The man wears a black shirt that is covered by a long black coat that falls past his knees. He has grey pants and a utility belt across his waist with a blaster pistol holster strapped to his right hip. His grey pants are tucked dark boots that go up to his shins.

RP Hooks

Boy from Dantooine: Darius comes from a now well off family that lives in the outskirts of Dantooine. If you're from the home country feel free to come chat.
My kind of Bounty: Darius is a ship captain that defines himself as a 'unique' Bounty Hunter. Is that job or ideal worth a price to you? That is close enough to a 'bounty' for him. Feel free to contact him for jobs of all kinds
Wanna Stir the Pot?: While Darius might not be the one to pull the lever with the sign saying "Do Not Pull", he will certainly encourage someone else to try it out. If you're looking to get up to some trouble, Darius doesn't mind being the wing man for a good laugh.
Unpaid Internship : Darius is a ship captain, and a ship needs a crew. Maybe you would like this exciting opportunity?


Vasani - Fiance and Beautiful Blue Twi'lek.
Trillian Taim - Fiance and Beautiful Corellian Princess