Daven Ohtani

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  • Hutt Cartel: He was a well depended upon Lieutenant. It is very easy to fall from such heights.
  • Security: Daven and Co can be had for security during dangerous ventures.
  • Crime!?:YES! Daven is down to steal things, shoot people, smuggle things and not get caught. Anywhere in the galaxy.


This gentleman has an odd look to him, firm jawline and prominent cheekbones that might make one think of nobility but the scratchy scruff on his face and along with those seen a bit too much eyes make a solid impression difficult to make. Hair and eyebrows are light brown, with hair that tends to be a mess, shorn tightly to his head on both sides of his head. Generally left unruly up top, but short enough to stay out of his face. Looks good though, like the right amount of avocado on a sandwich. The hands are where this man has collected his experiences, they are etched in scars over his thumbs and the back of his hands. A cocky sort of half smirk tends to keep itself upon his face, to go with a strut like a tomcat who knows he owns the neighborhood.

RP Hooks

Ord Mantell-Daven grew up on Ord Mantell and might know you from the 'old neighborhood'

Corporate Security-Most of Daven's previous employment was with various corporate security firms, so perhaps you've heard his name that way.

Hutt Cartel: Downtrodden, downsmacked and kicked out. Well. Sent out to the boonies.

Misfit's Revenge: A ship full of people who can't decide if they love each other or hate each other

Too Close for Comfort


Silly People Saying Silly Things

Usha (U) pages: Ahh darling, a shit does not make the man.

Usha (U) pages: A ship too

Zerna (Ze) pages: I'm just dropping a load

Theme Songs for Life

Archive - Bullets
Arctic Monkeys - Hold On, We're Going Home