David Ironside

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David Ironside

Title: Lieutenant
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Resistance Pilot
Profession: Pilot
Homeworld: Naboo
Organization: The Resistance
Ship: The Celestial Guarlara


David grew up on Naboo in the aftermath of the Battle of Endor. A beautiful planet with a nice climate, he had no difficult youth. David spent his mid to late teens ferrying people from the city of Theed to the nearby spaceport in his speeder.

David was very happy on Naboo, he didn't have a care in the world. The rumors of a splinter faction of the Empire building didn't bother him due to the Republic having a decent-sized military force. When the Republic however didn't act on the rumors at all, David sought to help Leia Organa's Resistance in any way he could, and he applied for the Naboo Security Forces. After having spent time in the Queen's security detail, David was transferred to the Senator's security force, and for the first time saw his planet from outer space.

David, or Dave, values liberty and equality most of all. He might not be the easiest to befriend, but those who do find he is fiercely loyal to them. David does not engage in gossip, feeling it's detrimental to anyone involved and those choosing to get involved alike.

Recently left the Senator's service as a result of the Republic's inaction regarding the First Order. Being a security guard, he had witnessed many Senate meetings and heard Leia Organa talk about the dangers of the Empire still lurking in the Unknown Regions. He then resigned from his position, leaving the service of Senator Thadle Berenko.

Having recently joined the Resistance, David spent his time in the flight sims and on the shooting range. As he'd been told to remain ready for new orders, he didn't leave the base much, instead choosing to bond with his fellow soldiers and pilots and his new astromech droid. At least it beat doing nothing while a serious threat continues to grow in power..

After the summons came to D'Qar, one of Dave's first engagements with the First Order was the Battle of Takodana. He did fairly well, only sustaining minor damage to his ship and taking down his fair share of TIEs. The aftermath of the battle had Dave reflect on his first combat op as he found himself among the ruins of Maz' Castle. He found that air combat is a lot less confrontational than seeing bodies around, friendlies and civilians alike had found their end at the hand of the First Order.

Shortly before the battle of Takodana, the First Order had destroyed the Republic's home system of Hosnian, taking David's former employer and his former unit along with it. Dave himself had not been aware of the Hosnian Cataclysm until he overheard it on the shores by the castle ruins. The news caused David to take to isolating himself at times of great stress, but it also strengthened his resolve and reaffirmed his belief that he made the right choice in joining the Resistance.

Not too long after returning to D'Qar, David flew as Blue 2 on the mission to destroy the Starkiller Base, the cause of the Hosnian destruction. He flew under Blue Leader, Gren Delede, on backup duty for Red Squadron, who'd been tasked with destroying the actual weapon. When Blue Leader went down, David made sure the Resistance ground forces picked Delede up and got his wounds tended to. The mission was a succes in spite of the loss of Han Solo, a man David had only just met but found himself respecting greatly, a respect reflected in the way Dave would dress outside of combat ops.

Of course, the destruction of their great weapon would not sit well with the First Order, who had somehow discovered the location of the Resistance's secret base. It was no secret that the First Order would show up sooner rather than later, and they did so in the middle of evacuations. The entire Starfighter Corps escorted the Resistance transports to the Raddus, where the survivors would stay for some time, robbed of a base on the ground and still pursued by the First Order fleet. On the cruiser, Dave met several people who would become important to him in his life, not the least being Doctor Maeve Zavir. Dave was there when the news broke of her home planet of Corellia falling to the First Order, as well as Hazar Jast's home planet of Coruscant.

The Resistance was cornered in an ancient Rebellion base on the salt planet of Crait, all but losing hope when Rey showed up to take them off-planet through a back entrance she created using the Force to lift rocks. Also, Luke Skywalker was there. Or he wasn't. Dave never did get the details.

Time passed and Dave found himself back on Nar Shaddaa, at Hound Base. It was here that Dave would find himself focused on helping to rebuild the shattered Resistance. One mission resulted in Dave's fighter Spark 2 suffering catastrophic damages and he found himself being sent back to base. He was temporarily assigned to the ground crew as he healed and eventually took part in the evacuation of Hound Base when the First Order inevitably found that as well. His heart being in the right place, David immediately escorted the medical staff onto his freighter, along with several soldiers, some of whom would dive into the YT-1300's turrets. Briefly entering combat, Dave managed to come out of Hound Base mostly unscathed, along most of the people on board.

The aftermath of the battle over Hound Base saw the Resistance on an old Rebel Assault Frigate, donated generously by the definitely not defunct Republic by way of Wedge Antilles. It was here Dave would be promoted to Gold Leader, overseeing a squadron of N-1 starfighters expertly negotiated out of Ailana Pareja, Queen of Naboo. This negotiation would later lead to the young Queen's death at the hands of Kylo Ren, however, putting Dave's home planet under First Order control. How the First Order found out, Dave had no idea.

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