Davis Bandarra

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Davis Bandarra

Title: Knight Bandarra
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Profession: Jedi
Homeworld: Thyferra
Organization: Jedi Order
Ship: N/A



Look up. The big man here is a smidge short of two metres and would probably have trouble getting through normal-people doors. He's big, built like an athlete, or a fighter, or possibly both. Underneath the messy long brown hair and the rough beard is an angular, almost noble face that's been tanned from time in the sun. His eyes are a dull and remarkably unremarkable grey.

The big guy is dressed rather uncomfortably in traditional beige-and-brown Jedi robes, with boots, cloak, and lightsaber all accounted for. I say 'uncomfortably' because he's constantly adjusting said robes in a manner of discontent. The saber is a simple thing, a foot-long tube mostly obscured by a pair of black handgrips, with hints of gleaming metal out the bottom, in an angle cut-off at the top, and a small sliver in between said handgrips. The buttons are built into the top grip indented such a way that they can't accidentally be pressed.


Davis is an irreverent jokester who always has time for terrible humour, and is overly fond of contests of athleticism or strength.



Davis's lightsaber is a thoroughly practical weapon built like a brick and suited to his two-handed style. It's a long weapon, one foot in length, with the buttons recessed into the top grip so as to avoid any accidental activations/deactivations mid-brawl.