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One would almost expect that Wedge Antilles' acclaim would inspire his other family members to follow in his footsteps to be some of the greatest fighter pilots in the galaxy. Unfortunately for Dawn, she was born physically incapable of doing so. Born in Coronet City, Corellia, to the famous pilot's brother and his wife, in spite of her hero worship of her uncle, flying in reckless speeds and going through the physical rigamarole to even pass the rigorous tests for admission at the local flight academy was out of the question - the young woman was born with a weak heart and a less than able constitution. In fact, she spent most of her childhood on a sick bed, watching the world pass her by through a window and surrounded by books while her parents worked tirelessly to ensure that she had the medical care she needed.

But what she lacked in physical prowess, she made up for with her mind; a naturally gifted child, she excelled in her studies and once her health improved enough to at least enable her to wander around the outside world, her parents enrolled her in a school in the city, where her prodigious intellect won her a chance to attend a prestigious naval academy in Coruscant upon her graduation. As expected of a young woman of her situation, she was an utter failure as a soldier in the field, unable to even wield a blaster properly, but egregiously brilliant in tactics and operations - she would have failed out of the academy entirely were it not for her gifts in military strategy and engineering. Her instructors placed her in a program specifically designed to groom officers for the role, where she consistently trounced her classmates in battlefield simulations. Those who know her best would later affectionately describe her as "incredibly brilliant, but almost completely useless from the neck down."

She graduated from the academy early, though not at the top of her class given her physical deficiencies. But given the reputation she cultivated while in school, she was snatched up immediately by the New Republic's command structure to start her career as a behind-the-scenes brain in military operations. She was only 18 years old.

The deaths of her mentor and protector ultimately paved the way to her recruitment by the Resistance. Her fledgling career in the New Republic's navy brought her to the orbit of Rear Admiral Maximilian Watts, one of the navy's more unorthodox strategists and commanding officers, who had specifically asked for her upon her graduation from Coruscant's naval academy to be positioned as his aide, and another one of his adjutants who was also tasked to be her bodyguard given her utter lack of combat skills. She performed brilliantly under his tutelage, assisting him with skirmishes that resulted from investigatory operations - Watts shared the minority's suspicions that the First Order had been violating the terms of the Galactic Concordance and managed to convince the upper structures of the New Republic's naval command to grant him a fleet to investigate. This often led to their smaller fleet to face against growing portions of the First Order's own, but Watts' ships manage to secure victories time and again against these foes.

Dawn tended to make an impression even in her academy days, but she didn't truly make her mark with Watts' men until the age of 20 when Watts was tasked to take an impregnable space fortress said to be under the First Order's control, deep in the outer fringes of the Hosnian system. Her plan involved a ruse - namely to recruit, and then 'chase,' Republic agents posing as covert operatives of the Order towards the fortress and in doing so, lure the fortress' forces out in a battle. The agents then took over the fortress' command chamber and released sleeping gas through the fortress' ventilation system to neutralize the other enemy officers in the fortress, and then used the fortress' own weapons against the forces engaging Watts' fleet, catching them in an unexpected pincer attack.

Unfortunately, their victory was short-lived. A few hours later, Starkiller base was activated and destroyed several planets in the Hosnian system, including Hosnian Prime. The aftershocks of the destruction decimated the fortress and many naval officers were killed, including Watts. Watts' adjutant, Dawn's protector for a couple of years now, managed to shove her in an escape pod and sent it away before their section of the fortress exploded. Left adrift for a few hours, she was picked up by a crew of merchants shipping deliveries to Hosnian Prime, unaware of its fate.

Despondent at the loss of Watts, his adjutant and his men, and furious with the new Senate's inability to take the threat the Order posed seriously until it was too late, she sought out elements of the Resistance to join the fight. She is nothing like her famous relative, but her last name was enough to at least get her through the door, and she is determined to prove herself useful despite her infirmities.


Dawn is gregarious, friendly and approachable, always the sort to approach a situation with a smile and a healthy sense of mischief. As the relative of a galactic hero, however, it probably isn't all that surprising that her more outgoing nature is a mask she places above the scars and insecurities inflicted upon her by a lonely childhood and her inability to live up to the Antilles name in a cockpit. She also has a soft spot for children, particularly the lonely but talented ones, seeing more of herself in them than she would admit to anyone.


Dawn is a consummate academic - she is an avid student of history, but various subjects tend to hold her interests as well such as mathematics, economics, politics, literature...even art. She still harbors fantasies, occasionally, of being a terrific fighter pilot - she's a Corellian after all - but knows that those dreams are well beyond her reach due to her fluctuating health.

She really, really, really likes tea.


Antilles, Wedge - Her legendary uncle, current leader of Rogue Squadron. Her relationship with him is affectionate, but conflicted, as everyone else in the family has elected to follow in his footsteps while she physically could not.

Apollyon, Ektor-Xer - A growing friendship, peppered with plenty of mutual and hilarious crap-slinging. Dawn was present when he was promoted to a full Flight Officer. He has given her the nickname 'Schoolgirl', a moniker that has stuck whenever they interact with one another and one that she has embraced wholeheartedly. Their interactions have become more vociferous after she nearly shot him down under orders while riding a TIE fighter, after protesting that she was a terrible shot (and proved that she wasn't exaggerating).

Calrissian, Lando - Another legend, tales of Lando Calrissian are not in short supply. But having met the man, Dawn can believe the popular word that everything she has heard about him is true.

Darkwing, Karas - A man inspired by her uncle, she and Karas are friendly with one another and much like the other pilots of the Resistance, she is only starting to get to know him. She was present when he was promoted as leader of Red Squadron.

Delede, Gren - Despite his reputation for being a surly, stern and no-nonsense war dog, he has been nothing but straightforward, professional and even kind, in a way, to Dawn in spite of her status as a new recruit to the cause. His frank appreciation for her intellectual talents came as a wonderful surprise and has only encouraged her to be the best Operations Officer she can be. Despite knowing that he has flown with her illustrious uncle, the fact that he has not said a single word about him to her is a curious affair, but one that she has elected not to pry into...for now.

Gann, Adhar - Dawn first came across Adhar by accident, which quickly turned into an informal consultation about the logistics and trade of luxury goods. Since then they've occasionally run into one another during a few of Dawn's personal assignments in which he has always been obliging with his assistance, largely out of his general desire to help the war effort and, to a lesser degree, his intense (and mutual) attraction to her.

Ironside, David - One of the first people she has met in her new life, Dawn has been periodically thrown in his company in the perpetual pursuit of helping the Resistance grow and thrive even when not in the battlefield. She has accompanied him in supply runs as his navigator, and even assisted him with a few recruitment efforts. Out of all the other pilots in the Resistance, she is the most familiar with his past history and the closest thing she has, so far, to a partner in crime.

Kassis, Jaya - Dawn has only met her recently, but has quickly considered her fellow Corellian to be a mature and experienced presence in a body largely comprised of young recruits who can benefit from learning from their elders.

Organa, Leia - The subject of what is possibly the most embarrassing moment of her life, it is only Leia's address to Threepio that clued the young Antilles in to her identity. She has only met her once, but Leia has shown her nothing but consideration and kindness.

Pava, Jessika - A hardened veteran of the Resistance and an extremely talented pilot, Jessika, to Dawn, represents everything that she has wanted to but could never be. She harbors no resentment, however, and she holds nothing but admiration and respect for a woman whose personality reminds her so much of her uncle.

RP Hooks

  • Academic - Despite making her trade in performing naval miracles, Dawn is a scholar in spirit and an explorer at heart. If you are an archaeologist or historian, or even from an obscure culture she will probably ply you with tea and ask for stories.
  • Engineer - While known to the Resistance as a formidable tactician despite her age, Dawn has advanced degrees in Engineering, with an emphasis on communications equipment and capital ships. She freely gives her opinions on ship modifications and designs.
  • Patron of the Arts - Dawn regularly seeks refuge in the intergalactic arts scene. She is an unrepentant lover of Jazz and harbors a passion for the visual arts, and can talk about both subjects forever.
  • Lightweight - Making her drink more than one cocktail is an immediate gateway to shenanigans.
  • Apocalyptically Bad Shot - This woman once rolled a -130 on a Ranged: Fixed Mounts check. You are all on notice. Giving her any kind of weapon is also an immediate gateway to shenanigans.