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Thanks for the memories!

As of April 5 2019, Defiance is closed as a +group because Hex's RL sucks. After 3 years of trash, sass, poor impulse control and friendly fire, it's time to pour one out for Def and move onward and upward to new adventures! Come find us and RP, we're still out there being dumb, and enjoy the page below for our past havoc and misbehavior.

Short Version

Defiance Barter & Acquisition Guild is a ragtag jumblefuck of morally ambiguous hooligans based on Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine. The Guild's primary goal is theft of slaves from various locations in Hutt Space, but they steal other property and get into other misadventures as well. Stolen slaves are funneled through the Lost Circus (Naelyn's HQ on Lehtera St) or taken out of Hutt Space to freedom.

Defiance is anti-Hutt/First Order in general principle but it isn't a Resistance cell, and we typically avoid PvP with the actual Hutt Cartel PCs. Though if you want to scrap.... call us, bb.

Defiance was founded by Kasia Ciph, Naelyn, and Hex, who continue in the role of org leaders.


What's an Acquisition Guild?

There is some cargo trading, but mostly thieves... basically... we're thieves. Defiance specifically is geared toward stealing slaves from various places in Hutt Space and sending them to freedom, but we'll steal other things and run other jobs too since we got bills to pay.

Are you good guys or bad guys?

Basically this.

<Defiance> Tess Ul'Datha says, "More on the goodguy side LOLOLOLOL"
<Defiance> Kasia Ciph says, "Morally ambiguous for a good cause."
<Defiance> Hex says, "Shit, my notes say 'morally reprehensible for a personal vendetta'"
<Defiance> Jehni'va Cihn says, "Mine just say "wrong place, wrong time""

<Defiance> Hex says, "Kicking your opponents I hope"
<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "Only when they're down."
<Defiance> Hex says, "Attaboy"

<Public> Jehni'va Cihn says, "What we lack in basic decency we make up for in failed dice rolls and vulgarity. Really just an all around stand up group of people."

<Defiance> Sapphira Tavers says, "So if Sapph were to, say, knit Team Defiance scarves or sweaters or something, what colors would they be?"
<Defiance> Naelyn says, "every color of the rainbow, and possibly the worst colors ever"
<Defiance> Rheisa Dirleel says, "puce and magenta"
<Defiance> Sajin says, "i want mine really ugly"
<Defiance> Sapphira Tavers is already noticing a trend...


<Defiance> Naelyn says, "We are not black hats, or white hats, we are gray hats...mostly because there is so much dirt the color is not clear"

How often will you run events?

As often as possible, RL permitting - most likely a couple times a month. One of the great things about the group is that lots of different people run content for the group, not just the leadership, so there's always a new disaster to make you throw up and cry.

Easy mission, ok ka?

Like you, I am a trash fire. How do I join Defiance?

Page us for a scene and meet us IC! The members of the org are listed below. If you'd like to join the org, catch some scenes with the org leaders (Hex, Kasia, Naelyn) and/or members, and express your interest in character. In order to be sure we can provide a good experience for all, we do not recruit OOC. There are no requirements for character types wanted; we can use anybody in that regard. If you would like to join us on plots but not join the org proper, sometimes this is also possible. Page Hex and ask.

Are you in this meme?

House Rules

1. Be chill, be happy, and assume the best of others both in and outside our org. Give the benefit of the doubt.

2. Please RP out and about on the grid as much as you can, and if you don't know another member of this org, please endeavor to meet them IC!

3. If you have any ideas of stories you want to see told, related to the org's goals or your own character history, let us know!

4. If you have a problem with another player in this org, bring the problem to Hex. If you have a problem with Hex, bring the issue to Naelyn or Kasia.

5. Idle Policy: If you haven't connected to AoA for 2 weeks, you'll be sent a gentle reminder @mail. If you haven't connected for 30 days, you'll be removed from the org. This is to prevent a superfluity of idle characters artificially inflating the org roster. If your RL relents and you want to start RPing again, of course we'll be glad to add you back.

GM Tips

Check 'em out.

PvP Info

1. In the event of PvP with another org, you're expected to treat the opposing players with respect at all times. No exceptions. I don't even care what they said about your mom.

2. If you have a problem with an opposing player or with the GM, bring the problem up with Hex FIRST before raising the concern to the GM or opposing player.

3. Your character might be hurt, your team might lose! Do not enter into PvP events if you aren't okay with losing.


Hey look, havoc