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A lot of things had gone wrong on Nar Shaddaa. A lot of people had been hurt, innocent people. In the vacuum of a responsible police force or unified government, Corr Waldin saw a need.

IC Info

The CDF was a private security and paramilitary group formed by Corr Waldin with the sole purpose of protecting the people of Nar Shaddaa and the greater Outer Rim from the encroachment of various crime lords like the Hutts and their supporters. Protecting people was their primary priority.

Basically, they were cops. But since there's not a lot of governance on Nar Shaddaa, they were kind of renegade vigilante cops. But the premise was cops.

OOC Info

If you're interested in joining the CDF, you're out of luck. The organization has been disbanded, with many of its members joining the Explorer's Guild.


  • We look out for each other. Corr and the rest of CDF will always have your back, IC and OOC.
  • Participating in our scenes means you have a good chance of receiving coded monetary bonuses!
  • Do you need some new gear? CDF members are welcome to provide their own equipment but if you're on the ropes for cash we will help you out.
  • There will be overarching plotlines to participate in, as well as smaller, one-off plots on a regular basis. These are not required, but RP is the name of the game and there will be many opportunities to enjoy a GM'd event with your CDF teammates.
  • As the group grows, we will offer more and more benefits as we have the ability to offer them. This group is about you and the stories we can tell together.

Rules and Polices

  1. Be courteous to everyone OOC, not just within the org but everywhere on the game. We're all here for the same thing.
  2. If there's another org you want to be part of that is non-exclusive, let me know OOC, and we'll talk about it. If it looks like it's not a conflict OOC, then we'll talk about it IC for the same reason.
  3. If you have any issues with someone within the group, please contact Corr for arbitration if you cannot work out your differences independently.
  4. Log posts are not required, but they are encouraged. You are expected to be active on the grid. If you idle off the Mush, you're out. If you don't connect for long periods of time, or you're doing the old 'connect/disconnect' thing just to keep from idling out, you're going to get @mail and if it doesn't change then you're out.


Public Records of the Awesome Scenes Which Occurred