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A Mirialan female with a height of 1.75 meters and an overall medium build that is accentuated with toned and physically fit features. Her skin tone is a scared yet smooth pale green that is graced by the various tattoos across her body. Her jet black hair is normally long and flowing, allowed to dance gracefully across her slender shoulders. She doesn't wear makeup seemingly, orange eyes and finely sculpted eyebrows assisted only by a hint eyeliner and shadow. long black lashes bat together unceremoniously. Eyes seems stern and emotionless, her expression also set and stern. The rest of her body is free of hair, much like most other Mirialan females. A what was once probably a dainty nose led to by a moderate bridge and ending at leveled nostrils has clearly been broken more then once. Below sits a pair of well defined lips of a slightly darker tone in comparison with her skin. Her philtrum holds a nicely developed v upon her upper lip and even though her lower lip is more full than the top, they are both still very plush. Tattoos are sparce on her face, instead those tribal swirls continue along the rest of her body almost covering up all the green skin. They push towards her face, crawling up her neck and threaten to envelope her hands as they span her arms. They are all made up of small swirls and circles, tribal in nature, each addition holding special meaning. Slender shoulders lead down to calloused yet slender hands adorned with cracked and rough nails. Her chest, noticeably round, protrudes forth regardless of the garb that she is sporting. Her hips carry with them the sway of the hourglass and lead down to long slender legs and elegant feet but she seems to have a good amount of muscle mass despite her otherwise dainty form and may wear clothing to cover that fact.

IC Knowledge

Has an Identical Sister named Calii who is a Republic Senator.

Thinks her sister died in the Hoznian Prime attack and First Order Blitz Krieg. Looking to get revenge.


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