Din Djarin

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Din Djarin

Title: Mand'Alor, "Mando"
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Mandalorian
Profession: Bounty Hunter
Homeworld: Aq Vetina
Organization: Mandalorians
Ship: Razor Crest

The Legend

A figure shrouded in mystery, very few actually know this man's true name. Referred to only as "Mando", he was an infamous and effective bounty hunter for the Guild during the days of the era of the Imperial Remnant; years after the Galactic Empire's fall. Always donned in armour of reflective silver and deep brown, no one alive has ever seen his face. Yet stories of his martial prowess alone preceded his reputation. He was a fearsome, ruthless warrior renown for being even-tempered and at most times cold and calculating.

When the Remnant put out a lucrative bounty on an unknown yet highly sought-after target, Mando was one of many bounty hunters that took the job. With his intelligence and skill, he was the first to procure the quarry yet for reasons lost to the decades, he betrayed his client. Instead, he chose to protect the target: a small, green creature of unknown origins. Becoming a renegade from the Bounty Hunter's Guild as well as a target of the Imperial Remnant, Mando went on the run and disappeared from the circuit.

Once a prolific and active hunter, his whereabouts afterwards are unknown and like many Mandalorians before him who live such a high-risk life, he and his target have been considered dead since.

The Reality

His name is Din Djarin and while his skills are impressive, he is also as mortal as any other. After witnessing his parents and people massacred by droids, Din was found and raised by a radicalized sect of Mandalorians; a splintered branch of the Death Watch whom adhered to strict and outdated views of The Way. Knowing nothing else and traumatized, Din embraced this Way and the clan that brought him in as a foundling. Though he learned in his adulthood the truth of his upbringing, Din still follows many of the creeds he was taught: such as never removing his helmet in the presence of other living beings.

But these strongly-held convictions were tested numerous times when he came across an infant alien known only as The Child. Though already fifty galactic years old, this small, green creature was still considered young for his species. Yet no one knows what his species actually is. Regardless, a bond was formed between Mando and The Child -- Din and Grogu. So much so that Din found his own convictions willing to be broken if it meant protecting this sentient being he had grown to cherish.

The Future

In the decades since, Djarin's legacy has faded into the background. Lost to the shifting of history like so many bounty hunters before him. Though his reputation is legendary, those who knew of him -- be they friend of foe -- have accepted the warrior is likely dead.

The truth is that Din Djarin is still very much alive. Having re-emerged on the planet of Mandalore, his reappearance after the fall of the First Order can be no coincidence. With his adopted son Grogu still at his side and in possession of the Dark Saber, Djarin has assumed his position as rightful ruler of the ravaged planet. The first Mand'alor in generations. Though his ascension was met with distrust from some clans and rebellion from others.

The fight for Mandalore's stability has only just begun and the journey promises to be long. With the fire back in the forge of Mandalore, as it were, the risk of other factions such as the New Republic or the Sith Empire taking notice grows all the greater. The day will come that eyes will turn towards the Mandalorians once more. and this time Din Djarin will make sure that history does not repeat itself.

This is the Way.