Djahni Chromium

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Djahni Chromium

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Rock and Roll Man
Profession: Singer
Homeworld: Thyferra
Organization: N/A
Ship: N/A

Theme Song

Stuck by the deadly rhythm of the production line


Born to a pair of high-octane, big-smiling bacta salesmen, young Djahni Gage decided from a very early life that that's the exact thing that he hated the most. He had a younger brother, too, but that's of little import.

Deciding to become the opposite of his parents ideal, Djahni became a musician. Influenced by the heavier acts of his youth like Hakko Drazlip and the Tootle Froots (especially their song 'Vader's Many Prosthetic Parts'), and the entire Herglic rage-metal genre, Djahni decided to skew that way himself, taking it upon himself to be a one-man protest machine. Unfortunately for the young man, solo acts were a chip a dozen. Still, he kept his head down and kept working, eventually finding a few like-minded individuals after he journeyed to Nar Shaddaa. They founded a group called 'Djahni and the Salarymen', with the newly-christened 'Djahni Chromium' right at the front and center.

Fair to middling is the best way to describe Djahn's success as a recording artist. With no Empire to rage against, his sights turned towards big megacorporations like the one his parents worked for (Xucphra). Raging against the oppression of the corporations as he was, he began to garner unwanted attention, but also a decent amount of fame.

Recent Events

At present, Djahni is shanghaied on Nar Shaddaa. It was the first place he went after being sprung from the big house, and he'd hoped to find some of his old band mates there, but they'd all either died or moved on to bigger and better things. So, he's stuck. He might be able to find a couple credits to rub together if he can get a few gigs, but Nar Shaddaa being what it is means that he's got a lot of competition. Hopefully, kids out there still love the classics.


Standing at a decently tall (for humans) five feet and eleven inches, this man is pretty slim, aside from the sinewy muscles that cover his frame that indicate at least some sort of regiment or high-activity profession. His light brown hair is shoulder-length, but is normally haphazardly styled into some akin to a mohawk or worn tied behind his head, the sides shaved down completely. His left arm, notably, has been replaced with a chromium-plated cybernetic.