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The Wyrwulf pup now known as Dosk was born into a family destined for turmoil from the start. His parents, refinery owners. Processing raw minerals into durasteel as well as other composites used for construction and ship building. As such, due to the continuous political turmoil of his home planet of Munto Codru continuously put himself and his siblings at risk of capture. A risk that his parents took great lengths to avoid. Guards were hired, deals made, all known compeditors paid off. At 15 years of age his eldest sister, Keela, who was 17 at the time, was abducted. For over 6 months family negotiated back and forth for her return from a rival family, the Isolation of the Codru-Ji home world kept external politics out of the dealings of his people and eventually she was returned after a hefty fee, which led to the family selling over a quarter of their mining interests to compeditors. Three years later, Dosk's brother was kidnapped while still a pup at 6 years of age, before his full transformation. He was held for 2 years and returned as a mature adult. Sold for another quarter of the families stake. By this time, Dosk was 18. After seeing so much happen to his family with his two other siblings, he was determined not to become part of the statistic, knowing he would be targeted next, and not wanting his family to face further burden, the young Codru-Ji made an arrangement with his parents to take over one of the few ships his family still had left as an asset. A light freighter. In order to leave the planet and run cargo offworld in order to raise money that could be sent back to purchase back assets that were once lost. Little did he or his family know, that the galaxy is vast, and as a closed off world to much of what happens in the galaxy. Dosk's experiences and interaction with the galaxy would have an impact. on the man he would become and how he would go about getting those credits.

After seeing both of his siblings kidnapped and ransomed off, resulting in the loss of half of his families company (as well as his inheritance/legacy) Dosk opted to head for the stars and trade goods, he did not want to be the next victim under his families name on Munto Cudru. This was his base argument towards his parents for taking control of a freighter and using it to transport goods, spending as much time away from the home planet as possible, a move that kept him safe, but exposed him to the rest of the galaxy, including the riches that could be gained through smuggling illicit goods. The Codru-Ji homeworld is isolated to keep outside influence from affecting his people, but in his fleeing to avoid kidnapping, Dosk was exposed to those influences.