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System: Drik

Sector: Galov

Region: Outer Rim (East)

Drik is located in the outer rim just outside of Hutt Space between the Gamorr, Rishi, and Both Systems. The star system rests right on the border of the Yuminis Sector, inside the Galov Sector close to the Triellus Trade Route. It was inhabited with humans and other species tens of thousands of years ago as Colonizers from Coruscant and other worlds flooded the galaxy along with the Rakatan Infinite Empire seeding worlds with a slave labor force.

Drik is a lush world with many resources and a variety of different climates. It has two moons, Nocturne and Valla, named after an old tale of the God and Goddess: one chasing after the love of the other only meeting once every hundred cycles when one moon eclipses the other.

As far as history has been recorded the planet has been ruled by several different Royal Families, all Matriarchal with the Queen as the primary Sovereign. Whichever family is in power, The Capitol City takes its name. Currently, the Verrni family rules Drik.

Drik has a history of having very open markets and economies. It's proximity to the Triellus Trade Route made it a popular place for all sorts to come and sell their wares and services. Some goods may be stolen or pirated... officials never really ask. Which makes it a prime place to offload or launder loot for pirates and privateers.

Over a decade ago, the First Order raided the planet for child soldiers, leaving the military and its infrastructure destroyed. The First Order left a Pirate Dread Lord named Nim in charge of the planet who then gave it away to a smaller group of pirates. For years the Drikish people suffered under this regime until the expelled Princess Oriana, soon to become queen, gathered a number of Allies to liberate her people.


The Drikish Government was that of a staunch Matriarchal Monarchy but as Queen Oriana and King Sajin have taken over, the Sovereign has become more figureheads than governing officials. There are various pointed Advisors and Ambassadors. A High Senate of Nobles along with a lower elected House of Representatives which write laws and bring them before the Sovereign. A Supreme Judiciary which interpenetrates laws and settles litigation between the different political powers.


The Drikish Military is relatively small and not a standing army as other worlds might have. It is entirely volunteer and what it lacks in the strength of numbers it makes up for in tenacity and specialization. What forces they do have are made up of highly trained special operatives rumored to have been bread by both Hapan and Mandalorian trainings.

The King of Drik, while also an ambassador, commands the military forces of this world. Primarily, that of the Royal Special Corps; An elite group of commandos including the King who fights both in the air and on the ground. Highly trained and specialized in both types of combat. In the air they are known as Yellow-Squadron numbered 2-13, with the lead being Yellow 13. Currently, they fly a mishmash of different fighters and are yet to reach full compliment. The RSC operates off-world, having a hanger (Embassy) in the lawless section of Nar Shaddaa known as the Gearhead District. Despite being subsidized by the Drikish Government, They are self-funded and for-profit, taking on various contracts to pad their budget.

Drik has a protectorate status with Hapes as her current King is Hapan. As a proxy, The Drikish Queen inherited a seat on the Queen Mother's council and has a proxy command Her Majesties Select Commandos. The Queen Mother allotted 1 mothballed and out of date Battledragon to help protect the system manned by a skeleton crew (Those close to retirement) and advisors to train the Drikish Military. Drik is still rebuilding its forces after having been ruled by a Pirate Junta for over a Decade.

The Drikish Military is not beyond hiring rogue groups of Privateers, Pirates, and Mercenaries to help protect their interests.


Drik is traditionally Matriarchal but not to the level of Hapes. All Legal names are that of the females in legal transactions and marriage though not forced by the government. Women are traditionally the heads of their families. However, outside of the Royalty, most of the common folk are egalitarian and there is no prevention of upward mobility for either sex.

Sexuality is far more open than other worlds. Some people, including the Queen, enjoy walking around naked and dislike clothing.


With the expansion of off-world trade, immigration, and other factors there are many different and accepted religions on Drik. The Government is secular and does not choose one over the other but the traditional religion is polytheism with a vast Parthenon of gods surrounded by texts upon texts of myths and legends. All original copies in their various states of condition are held at the Grand Cathedral in Verrni City.