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Ripped from the arms of his family as a tot, DK-4077 was trained to do one thing and one thing only; serve the First Order without fail. This is a goal he has strived for for as long as he can remember. With a natural aptitude towards intrigue and diplomacy, it's no wonder that when Duke reached his spec training stage, he leaned towards the shadier Intel side of warfare.

Things went on fine for Duke for a while. He impressed his superiors with his dedication to the cause, fought hard against the enemies of the Order, and...died.

At least that's what the dispatches said.

During a routine operation to Felucia, Duke was wounded and left to die by his squad in a cave deep beneath the surface of the hostile planet. With enough resources in his pack to last a few days, Duke clinged to life as best as he could, knowing full-well that his Order wouldn't sacrifice the greater goal to retrieve one wounded soldier.

Fortunately for DK, he was found by a group of Felucian villagers who had been drawn to the site by the recent row. They took pity on the wounded man and nursed him back to health.

Reluctant to accept the help of the people he had only recently been planning to subjugate, the Trooper set out on his own to try and make a life on the harsh planet.

And so that's what he did. He overcame the horrors of the hostile world, through grit, determination, and reliance on the training that the glorious First Order had bestowed upon him.

A few years passed and a once-battered and broken soldier had returned to form. A solitary life on Felucia was appealing enough to him, but he knew that he had to get back to the Order. That was his true calling.

And so the stormtrooper, with a renewed vigor, returned to the village that had once paid him so much kindness. They welcomed him with open arms, but soon found themselves massacred to the man by a soldier on a mission. Securing an old mining freighter from the now-razed village, Duke took to the galaxy with the goal of finding the Finalizer, his home, once more.

RP Hooks

  • In Duke's eyes, there is no greater goal than the success of the First Order, through whatever means are necessary.
  • Want to have the First Order find something out about you? Duke could be your man.