Dyannah Nerus

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Dyannah Nerus

Title: You!
Race: Zeltron
Sex: Female
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Zeltron
Organization: Hutt Cartel
Ship: Star Gypsy



Her skin of deep sunset pink, stretches smoothly over high cheek bones in a triangular face with a well modeled nose, and generous lips. Tattoos, abstract swirls of purple and red, cover her upper arms and mark her slender neck. The woman is lean, muscular, long legged and small hipped; she is quick and light on her feet. She has a happy head of hair, deep blue that has a mind of its own, a ragged bedhead.

Atypical for a zeltron

Perhaps, Dyannah is wiser after being under the thumb of the Hutt Cartel and escaping with her life as well as the family ship. She no longer gambles at the tables, preferring to gamble on finding her brother who disappeared after the FO invaded Corellia. The Corellian Rangers have taken her into their number as they fight the FO on their own planet and search for her brother.

Associates, Fellow Ranger Members