EVS Construction Droid

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The EVS construction droid, or urban renewal droid, is a massive automated factory constructed by Veril Line Systems. It is often used on overdeveloped urban worlds like Coruscant and Bonadan for demolition and reconstruction of entire city blocks to tear down old, decrepit buildings and transform them into newer structures.


The EVS stood at forty stories and is nearly the size of a skyscraper; one that walks on two massive hydraulic legs with a smaller rear hydraulic leg to support it. In a detailed construction project, an EVS construction droid moves a single step forward every half an hour, though it can move much faster during razing projects. Its head is covered in demolition optic clusters, which scan the structure in front of it, analyzing the weak points and comparing the architecture to master blueprints kept within its computer core.

Its two heavy shovel arms are used to demolish unneeded structures. The useful wreckage is then scooped into a mouth located underneath its cylindrical battering ram for recycling, while undesired rubble is placed into storage hoppers for disposal. An EVS unit has hundreds of retractable smaller limbs beneath its chassis, which feature specialized demolition devices, including implosion wrecking balls, plasma cutters, collector trowels, debris nets, and electrical claws.

Within the EVS construction droid's processor mouth, the debris is carried by a conveyer belt into internal molecular furnaces, smelting pods, and an atomic incinerator where useful items are extracted and recycled. Raw materials are also separated and taken to a corresponding factory, which extruded new girders, transparisteel sheets, and blocks of compressed duracrete. These materials are then ejected via the rear of the EVS construction droid and assembled into polished new constructs by hundreds of fabricating arms. The intense heat generated by its internal factories is vented through discharge stacks; the heat is so intense that an EVS unit emits a faint glow under dark lighting.

The EVS was piloted by an outdated integrated droid brain, which took nearly three days to reprogram and reinitialize once interrupted. Thus, a small skeleton crew is commonly assigned to an EVS unit to supervise the droid and make sure such shutdowns are not a frequent occurrence, residing within a small command cabin located in its head. The crew's airspeeders were parked at a small dorsal landing pad located at the rear of the EVS unit.