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Legend Has It

History tells the legend of an ancient group of Mandalorian mercenaries calling themselves the Ebon Guard. They journeyed throughout the galaxy, performing duties for those in need charging little by way of money, but demanding loyalty and favors from those who they had helped. As time went on, they soon had several planets and civilizations indebted to the Ebon Guard, and could operate how they wished in a number of systems without fear.

What is the Ebon Guard?

The Ebon Guard is a group of mercenaries composed primarily of Mandalorian soldiers brought together by a common heritage and a desire to bring back the honor their people had earned years ago. The group is currently crewing a single ship, and marketing themselves out to governing bodies that have problems too messy or too dangerous to send their own people to take care of.


Guild Assets

Typical of Mandalorian groups, perhaps the greatest asset of the Ebon Guard is the custom armor made for the Mandalorians by their smith Vraag Rengh. The Mandalorian armor is upgraded from the traditional design, and features a matte black coloration, with gold trim.

Firebrand - The Ebon Guard has a Sentinel Class Landing Ship in it's fleet. This was the first ship crewed by the Guard when they started, and has been modified to suit the Guard's need with weaponry and living accommodations.

Guild Rules

The following rules are meant to keep the organization healthy and awesome. They can be surmised with a simple, "Be Excellent to Each Other."

1. Be chill, be happy, and assume the best of others both in and outside our org. Give the benefit of the doubt.

2. Please RP out and about on the grid as much as you can, and if you don't know another member of this org, please endeavor to meet them IC!

3. If you have any ideas of stories you want to see told, related to the org's goals or your own character history, let us know!

4. Idle Policy: If you haven't connected to AoA for 2 weeks, you'll be sent a gentle reminder @mail. If you haven't connected for 30 days, you'll be removed from the org. This is to prevent a superfluity of idle characters artificially inflating the org roster. If your RL relents and you want to start RPing again, of course we'll be glad to add you back.

5. RP Policy: Same as the Idle Policy before, if you are logging in and simply not roleplaying, you will eventually be removed from the Roster.

(Rules stolen from Defiance for the most part. Party on!)