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A veteran of the New Republic Starfighter Corps and former member of a resistance cell, Ejnar Celchu is a noble son of Alderaan who was recently freed after a long stay at a First Order prisoner of war facility where he was forced to do hard labor. He is the son of Alderaanian Pilot and Rogue Squadron member Tycho Celchu and aid to Princess Leia Winter Celchu both of the noble Celchu house of Alderaan formed after his parents served with honor during the Galactic Civil War. Now he seeks to put his piloting and martial arts skills to use as a good son of Alderaan, serving with a new unit of crack pilots and hard knocks to protect the interests of Alderaan and the New Republic, bringing glory to his house.

Angular features mark this man to be of well breeding stock or of some type of nobility. He's tall, a little pudgy but not without muscle. A handsome face with a sharp jaw and high cheek bones. His nose is of average size yet clearly was broken in the past. There are a few scars, not large, across his face. Almost like accented flecks of character. His eyes are round with a look of seriousness, determination, with a slight splash of sadness. His hair is wavy and drops just past his ears complimenting his full beard and mustache.


House Celchu

House Celchu is a lower noble house in Alderaanian court headed by Ejnar's parents; Lady Winter Celchu and Lord Tycho Celchu. However, Ejnar being a Lord himself, will one day take over the estate and responsibilities of his parents. Most noble houses retain a specialty; House Celchu maintains a healthy service in the military as Special Operatives and Combat Pilots. Winter Celchu has grown a large intelligence network through the connections she made during the war and Tycho Celchu serves as Second in Command to the flotilla above New Alderaan under General Cara Dune. The family has not found land to settle on just yet upon the new world but is actively searching for an appropriate location for their estate.

The crest for the house is the Alderaanian Shadowbird amid a purple and green coat of arms.


Noble Family
Winter Celchu
Tycho Celchu
Ejnar Celchu
Vega Celchu
House Staff