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Ektor-Xer Apollyon

Title: Lieutenant
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Rebel Scum
Profession: Pilot
Homeworld: Tion 3
Organization: The Resistance
Ship: Addict Shaak


The Beginning
Tion has been behind the times for thousands of years. Long ago, important people lived there, but their ruins are barely distinguishable from any other pile of stones, these days. Now, it's a minor world even by the low standards of the Tion Cluster.

Ektor grew up like many other fringers: often hungry, often bored, but tough. He grew into a fighter, because one law bound even the lawless: if you couldn't protect what was yours, your neighbor would take it away. Lacking much in the way of starships, transportation on the underdeveloped Tion 3 was largely by skyhopper, and Ektor flew one from the day he turned 11. For work, for errands, or for boredom. Mostly boredom.

He would later joke that the most remarkable trait about his people was their uncanny ability to pick the losing side in wars. It's a proud tradition, starting with Xim and still going strong. They fought for Xim against the Hutts, for the Tion Hegemony against the Republic, for the Separatists, and for a dozen other failed causes. When Ektor was a boy, one of the Imperial Remnant warlords challenged the New Republic and was defeated on a distant world along with his fleet, including Ektor’s father. This is the unkind reason WHY Ektor learned to fly the family hopper so young. Later, when the First Order rose, it indeed looked like nothing had changed in thousands of years.

When his generation had its turn, they knew it would be different.

It wasn't.

The Failed Revolt
After the destruction of Starkiller Base, Ektor was part of a short-lived effort to declare his homeworld the “Tion Free State”, part of an envisioned resurgence of the Tion Hegemony. They made allies on other worlds, they had the backing of powerful people in Hutt Space, and frankly their world was so unimportant that they'd probably be left alone, anyway. Thus, Ektor and his friends went along with a plan to declare their homeworld’s independence from the influence of the First Order-backed world of Lianna. Flush with enthusiasm, they'd sent freighters to meet with their allies to bring back more weapons and supplies, and received a handful of outdated fighters for their efforts. Ektor found himself in the aged cockpit of one in the days before Tion decided to eschew covert support of the Resistance and announced their succession.

This turned out to be a profoundly bad plan.

The First Order responded with an invasion force far beyond what was necessary to subjugate the three moons, easily reconquering the entire system within hours. Few shots were even fired. Maybe the Hutts had betrayed them, or maybe they were seen as easy pickings by some First Order officer looking for a gold star on his record. Maybe they were just doomed from the beginning, but the Tion Free State had a life measured in mere days.

Ektor remains deeply embittered by the totality of their failure, even after falling in with the remains of the Resistance aboard the Renegade. Now, he's a man in search of a fight. A fine pilot when he has a clear goal in front of him, and a hot mess when he doesn't. Still hanging with the Resistance and carrying on the war, because to do otherwise would be to roll over and die, and whatever else he is, was, or will be, Ektor is a fighter.

While not considered a high priority target, if one were to actively search First Order databases for him, Ektor's full name and face (and mouth, see below) are flagged as a member of the Resistance.

He is also wanted for several acts of petty piracy in the Lianna Sector.

- The navigation console bleeps as someone enters an invalid boarding code.
- The navigation console bleeps as someone enters an invalid boarding code.
- The navigation console bleeps as someone enters an invalid boarding code.
- The navigation console bleeps as someone enters an invalid boarding code.
Into the external intercom, you say, "It's (actual password), you fluffy dumbass."
Lofty has arrived.

  • Resistance* Sapphira Yavok dies laughing. Just straight up dies.
  • Resistance* Sapphira Yavok says, "Fluffy dumbass."
  • Resistance* Kare Kun is laughing so hard.

IC Reputation
"Of course I don't think you matter enough know! This is the point!" Oran snaps at Ektor, apparently pushed past some internal boundary of decorum at that particular answer. "I literally said that to you, you snot-licking, insensate amalgamation of second-hand organs and third-rate persiflage. Based on your demonstrably tenuous ability to string one thought along to the next, I can only assume you've ended up here on purpose, like a pox-infected blanket, so they might spare themselves and watch us devolve into crippling disability after receiving it. Your stupidity is of such degree as to constitute a war crime. I mean that with all my love."
-Oran Arcantael

"At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. We are all dumber for having listened to you."
-Leia Organa