Elrych Cometburn

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Elrych Cometburn

Title: Trader
Race: Human (Corellian)
Sex: Male
Occupation: Smuggler, Padawan
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Corellia
Organization: [[Jedi Order, The Resistance]]
Ship: Corellian Spike



A younger man, late teens or early twenties. He's somewhat handsome but with a more rogue and greasy look. Brown hair, blue eyes. Standard height for a Human. His face has a few scars just above one eye. Otherwise said skin is soft, slightly boyish, a bit of red in his cheeks. He's built lean, not having too much muscle but not being so frail as to wither and float away in a hard breeze. He was built for speed and coordination and not necessarily the rigors of combat.


Zandra naMuriel - Okay?

Ektor - You will never touch my Saber.

Nia - Love

Rey - Wingman, confidant, companion, teacher

Jessika Pava - Firecracker

Poe Dameron - Why do you say Buddy every other sentence?

Tallissan Lintra - Tals, I think you got a kinky streak.

Sapphira Solari - Did I tell you I have a thing for redheads? Stop living up to your reputation.

Syrus - You're a little nuts but a little brilliant but that's 'cuz you're old, bro.

Yuun - You can beat me in a duel... for now.


Elrych2.jpg Elrych3.jpg Shadesdown.gif

OOC Funnies

(SOOC) Tarion Tavers@Parallax says, "YOU SUCK COMETBURN"

(SOOC) Elrych Cometburn@Corellian Spike says, "EAT MY HYPER TRAIL"

(SOOC) Tarion Tavers@Parallax says, "NO U"

(SOOC) Elrych Cometburn@Corellian Spike says, "NO U"

-(OOC)- Ax says, "how come every time I read a pose from Elrych, I think of Zach Morris from Saved by the Bell?"