Emma Starflare

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Emma Starflare is a talented Mercenary who appeared on Nar Shaddaa recently. Highly trained and experienced, she'll calmly claim that she's one of the greatest snipers in the galaxy. Working as a 'gun-for-hire' for those whom have suitable credits to pay her price, what the young woman lacks in people skills she makes up for in surprising combat expertise.

Classified History (NOT IC'LY READILY KNOWN)

EM-1710 was raised like many other children kidnapped by the First Order at an early age. Every day was indoctrination and training, practice and testing. EM-1710 excelled at this, naturally gifted it seemed and close attention was paid to her as she grew old enough for proper combat training. When her Marksmanship scores put her in the top half-percentile, EM-1710 was assigned to specialized Sniper training and was attached to Besh Squad as their sniper support immediately after graduating from her training.

Taking part in the skirmishes on Bayuir as well as several combat and retrieval missions, EM-1710 was reassigned to Special Operations and conducted several solo classified missions under the direct command of First Order High Command including General Hux himself. She also received an unclassified commendation for her single-handed rescue of First Order personnel abducted by a slave-trading group. With the formation of the Vanguard, EM-1710 or 'Em' as her unit had taken to calling her was assigned to the unit and given the identity of Emma Starflare to better move about the population of the First Order.



Extremely dedicated to practice and perfection of craft


Highly Adaptable to combat situations with a variety of weapons.

Trained in combat medicine.


Limited (but improving) social skills

Known to be a bit of a perfectionist.