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Endor (also known as the Forest Moon of Endor or the Sanctuary Moon) was a small forested moon that orbited the Outer Rim planet of the same name and was the homeworld of the sentient Ewok and Yuzzum species.


Endor was approximately 4,900 km in diameter and 43,300 light years from the Galactic Core. The moon was covered in dense woodlands, tall mountains and savannas, and home to the sentient Ewok, Dulok, and Yuzzum species. It contained a breathable atmosphere to humans and 8 % surface water. It had two suns, Endor I and Endor II.


Throughout galactic history, offworld raiders occasionally came to Endor to hunt the native Ewok population to make Ewok Jerky, which was a popular snack across the Outer Rim.

Sometime during the Age of the Empire, the Galactic Empire established an outpost on the planet that included a shield generator complex to protect the incomplete Death Star II in orbit of the moon. In order to make way for the complex, an Ewok village would be razed by Imperial troops, leading to strained Imperial—Ewok relations. As a result of the repulsorlift field emitted by the SLD-26 planetary shield generator to keep the Death Star in a stationary orbit, Endor was prone to earthquakes, tidal imbalances, and other geological disturbances.

The moon was later the site of the monumental Battle of Endor which saw combat between the Alliance to Restore the Republic and its Ewok allies against Imperial forces who were attempting to protect the shield generator and thus prevent the Alliance from destroying its superweapon in orbit. After fierce combat on the forest moon, the Rebel Alliance managed not only to destroy the shield generator complex, but also the Death Star II. With the destruction of the Empire's dreaded battle station and the death of its Galactic Emperor Palpatine and his enforcer, Darth Vader; the Rebels and Ewoks held a victory celebration on the moon, one of many across the galaxy.

In the months following the Battle of Endor, a field of detritus from the battle settled into orbit around the moon.