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Erinn Laski is a Lieutenant JG serving as an Engineer aboard the Pantheon. While she specializes in Subspace Drives, particularly Ion Engines, her education ensured that she would have a wide array of other training. Her responsibilities aboard the ship involve commanding a crew of mechanics to ensure that the subspace drives, hyperspace drives, and repulsorlifts maintain operating within acceptable parameters. Lieutenant Laski isn't content to operate within acceptable parameters, however, and is always searching to improve operational efficiencies and reduce waste and redundancies as she sees them.

Life and Career

Early Life

Erinn Laski was born on Hosnian Prime on the 26th of Elona 16 ABY to Margrit and Dunnar Laski. The youngest child and their only daughter, it was said that Erinn Laski enjoyed a great deal of freedom and favoritism from her upper-middle class parents. She lived a rather normal and quiet life for much of her childhood. Her mother, an engineer and professor at Hosnian University, fostered Erinn's innate love of tinkering and building. Her father, a freelance author who enjoyed middling success for his short story anthologies, encouraged a budding curiosity and creativity.

Erinn was always a precocious child. Her sense of humor was dry, like her father's. She learned about sarcasm at a relatively young age from her two older brothers, and immediately took a shining to it. In school, Erinn was a capricious and carefree child. Gifted and curious, she found the rigid structure of the public school system cumbersome and exhausting. Still, she achieved above average merits, despite her teachers and parents always insisting she could do so much more if she'd apply herself.

Aside from applied sciences and mathematics, Erinn also displayed a fondness and aptitude for dancing and art. Though average, she enjoyed striving for improvement week after week. For all intents and purposes, Erinn Laski was a good kid with a good life. She had good grades, plenty of friends, and a budding social life. Everything hinted at a normal, happy life.

Theed University

Hosnian Cataclysm

In 34 ABY, the entirety of the Hosnian star system was destroyed by the order of the First Order. Starkiller Base, a planet-sized superweapon capable of harnessing raw power from burning stars, used a form of matter called Phantom Energy to annhilate Hosnian Prime along with all the other planets in the system. As it was destroyed, Hosnian Prime underwent stellar transformation and, in the resulting pocket nova, became the second star in the Hosnian System. Due to the unique space-time distortion of phantom energy, the entirety of the galaxy was able to witness the destruction of the Hosnian system in tandem.

Erinn Laski was visiting Theed University on Naboo when Hosnian Prime was destroyed. She witnessed the destruction of her home system on a Holoscreen on one of Naboo's many crowded streets. When she'd left to tour Theed University, her family had asked if they could come along to visit Naboo. Erinn, however, insisted that she go alone. She wanted to prove to them that, despite being the youngest, she was more than capable of doing things on her own. It's a guilt she carries with her to this day.

Education and New Republic Military

Following the destruction of Hosnian Prime, Erinn Laski enlisted in the New Republic Military as an Enlisted Officer. After completing her entrance examination, her natural gift for mathematics, physics, and engineering had her fast-tracked to the School of Engineering at University of Chandrila Hanna City (UCHC). Though she excelled in her studies, she struggled to acclimate and cope with her grief. As an enlisted officer, her responsibilities outside of class made it difficult for her to connect with her fellow students. Couple that with a naturally shy demeanor and a lack of confidence, and you have a recipe for keeping people at arm's lengths. Erinn Laski graduated with a degree and several first-authored publications, but with no real friends or social support network.

Officer school followed and, after a year, Erinn Laski was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade (JG) in the New Republic Navy. Her first assignment was aboard the New Republic naval capital ship the Pantheon. She served aboard the Pantheon, running several critical field operations in addition to her routine maintenance and upkeep of the capital ship's engines. Her military career was short lived, however, as she resigned her position shortly after the New Republic announced its decision to ally with the First Order against the Sith Eternal.

Ghost Crew and the Spice Runners

After resigning from the New Republic Navy, Erinn Laski found her way to the Smuggler's Moon of Nar Shaddaa. She had previously visited the Hutt-controlled moon after a portfolio of her personal artwork was discovered by Rheisa Dirleel. The Togruta extended an offer to host the artwork at her private gallery in the Corellian district, and although far from Chandrila, it was closer to home than the pleasure planet ever really felt like. Her time on the Smuggler's Moon was brief, however, as fate and chance brought her back into the company Poe Dameron. The two were acquaintances from their shared time aboard the Pantheon. Poe had teamed up with Zorii Bliss on the storied smuggling ship Ghost and was in need of an engineer and mechanic.

Erinn Laski didn't even have to think twice. Later, the crew added doctor Tess Vikander, former New Resistance pilot Ektor and infamous gladiator Black Krrsantan to the roster. For the first time, Erinn Laski has found a place to belong, friends, and people she calls family in the rag-tag group known as the Spice Runners.

Motifs and Themes (OOC Info)


My original intention with Erinn Laski was to tell a ghost story in the Star Wars universe, but to do so requires a light touch. I am enamored with visual storytelling in horror films and media, and I borrow things like recurring elements and 'warnings' as to when I try to weave would could be considered "paranormal" into my poses. Look for the color red, the phrase "how was your day?", mentioning that Erinn is "good with faces", and a few other recurring phrases in my poses. In general, if something repeats, it's intentional!

Grief and Mourning

Imposter Syndrome


Publications and Selected Works