Eriu Jynx

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Eriussa 'EJ' Jynell (Eriu Jynx)

Title: Duchess (Trouble Incarnate)
Race: Hapan
Sex: Female
Profession: Smuggler
Homeworld: Hapes
Organization: The Shadowport
Ship: Majestic Pandemonium


The Pirate, The Minx, the Duchess

Eriussa Jynell or better know as Eriu Jynx is a chameleon. A creature of many colors. Now more widely know as Duchess of House Jynell of Hapes, she still travels with her less noble compatriots as a leader and member of The Shadowport

She can be mercurial but there is always a method to her madness. Join her for adventures and see what being an acquaintance entails.

((I love running scenes and Eriu is one of my characters I can have nearly anywhere. Contact me if you are interested in plot!))

Current Whereabouts

Duchess Eruissa Jynell or Eriu Jynx is found all over the various systems but she is more often found in Yag Prime, Ord Mantell, Nar Shaddaa, Hapes and sometimes Chandrila. With her movements oft times comes interesting escapades. You should run into her to find out more.


A bit of a rapscallion and charming to boot, EJ also known as Jynx is a bit of a free spirit and sometimes loose cannon. She loves to live and lives to love with the ability to fit in nearly everywhere. Lively with a brilliant exuberance she has little regard to personal space or preference, attempting win over those around her by sheer determination of will and presence.


Youthful exuberance is ever present on the woman's face with its pixie features and mischievous smile. Pale skin makes up her countenance where almond shaped honey brown eyes are set over a swath of very very faint freckles that paint her cheek and the bridge of her nose. Full bow shaped lips are often in a smile or sometimes smirk depending on what is amusing her; or who. Her nose is slender with a small upturn and those cheeks form dimples when her lips draw upwards. Thick rich red hair falls to her mid back and is often worn loose. She stands average height with long legs and a slender frame.


Smuggler Gear

House Jynell Dress

Silver Moon Costume

Associates and Rarities

Name Opinions
Zhu Yan "I still am not sure what he is entirely but I always have his back and he mine. If that's not love I do not know what is." B'haav Adasta A moral compass when its needed and wise words even when I do not want them. No truer friend was there.
Khalim I owe you a great debt. I hope you can forgive me. Saturi She still hangs out with even though she's the first to bail when there's trouble. Girl knows how to save her own skin.
Karr'roga Even if I know where I stand he's a bit unnerving at the best of times. Good lizard. Naia Begrudging heals. I feel like she's trying to teach us a lesson that no one ever learns.
Netep Muri "Keep that flesh eating plant away from me. Sister from another mister." Kaavenn Watch where you are shooting that thing.
Tarq Najjic Pretty things. All the drunken moments! Kael Greystorm Flirting is good fun!
King More depth than meets the eye. A good man with an unknown past. Rale A big personality in a little package.
Hadrix Kora Big and a bear in armor. Sumi Kora Friend, foe...frenemy? I think we are friends.
Ryo Odessa Wut Malik Ren Love to hate. Hate to love.
Guri "Thanks for the takeout and this subdermal tracker. Best first date. Will meet again. 10/10 BOMBSHELL" Liz'diot "Crusty puss wort ready to explode and paint the galaxy in his existence. But actually is useful."
Rip Recker "He's a beast. Strong, sure, capable but RUTHLESS. I'm glad that he's on my side. He still makes me nervous. Where have you gone?" Domino Appreciating those around you is key. Even if its based on their worth.