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History and Background

You may have known another group under the same name, but now the Explorer's Guild is a new creature. The rights to the name have expired and been claimed by new management, led by Corr Waldin. He has a long history of leadership with the Resistance and the Civil Defense Force, but after years of bloody conflict and a healthy dose of disillusionment, the raid of the CDF Office, and so on, a change seemed necessary. That change would be a new mission, a mission charting the outer reaches of the Galaxy. To go where no sentient life has gone before. To find treasure and riches and archaeological artifacts. To bring modern technology and medical assistance to those in need. And so, the Explorer's Guild was re-re-reborn!

What is my obsession with theme songs?

What is the Explorer's Guild?

The Explorer's Guild is a loose collection of individuals interested in adventure and excitement in strange and exotic locales. Almost anyone can join the Explorer's Guild, and their level of involvement is largely a matter of personal preference, with some choosing to devote their time exclusively to the mission and others drifting in and out of the adventures carried out by the group. Corr Waldin maps the course forward, taking the helm as Director and deciding on the broad strokes of how the mission will be carried out, with a team of intrepid adventurers behind him. Do you want to visit new planets? Do you want to go to new places on the existing ones? Do you want to map the vast reaches of space? Do you have a pulse?! Then you belong in the Explorer's Guild!

<Public> Rake says, "what you need is an actual explorer."

<Public> Corr Waldin says, "We're going to make up for it with machismo and Ax's body spray."


  • We look out for each other. Corr and the rest of the Explorer's Guild can be relied on for help, IC and OOC (within reason).
  • Every Explorer's event has a credit payout at the end, and that amount is higher for Guild members.
  • Do you need some new gear? Guild members are highly encouraged to provide their own gear, but if you're lacking the basic necessities, we will not shove you out there with a stick and a prayer.
  • There may be over-arching plotlines as well, but the mainstays of the Guild are one-off plots on a regular basis. These are not required, but RP is the name of the game and there will be many opportunities to enjoy a GM'd event with your fellow guildmembers.
  • We also offer a 700 credit weekly Shuttle Stipend to encourage exploration! Get out there!
  • As the Guild grows, we will offer more and more benefits as we have the ability to offer them. This group is about you and the stories we can tell together.

Rules and Polices

  1. Be courteous to everyone OOC, not just within the org but everywhere on the game. We're all here for the same thing.
  2. If there's another org you want to be part of, go for it! The only exceptions are the First Order and maybe the Resistance. These are not Guild rules, but Mush rules.
  3. If you have any issues with someone within the group, please contact Corr for arbitration if you cannot work out your differences independently.
  4. Log posts are not required, but they are encouraged. We would love our people to be active on the grid. If you idle off the Mush, you're out by default. If you don't connect for long periods of time, or you're doing the old 'connect/disconnect' thing just to keep from idling out, you're going to get @mail and if it doesn't change then eventually that's going to end with you being removed from the group.

Recipe for Home Chefs

It's a long story and it begins when I was out with another group of moms looking for the best way to get my kids to eat NPCs


Public Records of the Awesome Scenes the Likes of Which You Could Be Part Of