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The Past


A child of two Death Watch zealots, Faath was raised in the belief that the pacifist government of Mandalore was weak. She was taken to Concordia to learn the Way of the Mandalore. During her training with the Children of the Watch, she had access to the archives to learn about the history of Mandalore. She learned about how Kyr'tsad was considered a terrorist splinter cell. She learned how they followed Maul to get to their ends and that was most likely where her parents were killed. She learned The Way in a very rigid way. Her job was to protect foundlings and heal those hurt in battle. She easily took to using slugs to down her enemies while also being able to triage during battle.

As she grew, things were unclear about how the Children of the Watch ran things and why they chose to do things as they did. On one mission, she found a terminal and looked further into Mandalore's history, and what she found rocked the foundation of her beliefs. She was unsure if she was ready to act on it at the time but when she was triaging a prisoner of war, she listened to his plea's and something about his honest tone made her look deeper. She never saw that prisoner again. She did talk to one of the closer foundlings and they both shared their research. After months of speaking, they removed their helmets. They were caught and each questioned separately. It was determined that they were both Heretics and lacked faith in the Way. She was stripped of her armor and her titles.

Both were taken to an underground prison and locked in a three-by-three prison cell. Faath was not done trying to help others see that the Children were wrong. After a year of trying to help others see the truth, she was dragged to the surface of Mandalore and released in the middle of the desert. She wasn't given water or food. Through sheer stubbornness, Faath made her way to a local tribe who helped her. They fed her and taught her more about Mandalore. It was not long before the Children of the Watch found her and slaughtered the small tribe to drag her back to her prison cell. Before she was delivered there, her vocal cords were burnt out of her throat so she could no longer speak heresy, and to complete her direct physical punishment, she was mutilated further.

After eight years in the underground prison, not having seen the light of day or the surface of Mandalore, three Mandalorians found her. She was brought up to the sun and the air of Mandalore was beautiful to breathe in after years under the earth. While she was free, she was very much alone. All she knew was gone. People that were family had disowned her, friends abandoned her. She decided she'd stick to the three Mandalorian's who rescued her. They so happened to be all of the same Clan. Clan Kora.


Clan Kora
Hadrix Kora Al'Verde and Brother. The one I have confided in the most. I plan to get good enough to be able to scare him.
Sumi Kora Alor, Clan Chief. Understanding in such confusing times. She is sister, friend, and confidant.
Valeska Kora Tal'Aliit. Sister. Someone I would trust to stab someone with. I have a feeling we will create chaos together. Great chaos. With our targets, we will be blood sisters forever.
Terek Rosol Tal'Aliit. He's one of my best friends. Anyone tries to harm a bit of him, you are going to meet the Juggernaut.
Lady Fae Renta Tal'Aliit. Pillow. Comfortable place to be when uncomfortable.
Evie Kora Tal'Aliit. Sister. I will protect this woman. If anyone has issue with her, they have issue with me.
Hahtavi Kora Tal'Aliit. There is something dark lurking. I see possible greatness if you would bend to guidance.
Avery Kora Tal'Aliit. I haven't met you yet but when I do, you will be welcomed.
Zelo Parrai Tal'Aliit. I haven't met you yet but you are apparently a wicked pilot. Let's fly!
Hapvarnna Tal'at'cuyir. I enjoy watching you work. If you need patches, let me know.
Zevin Daodhri Tal'at'cuyir, you have this Zevin and I have you.
Kaiya Tal'at'cuyir. Sooo much potential. I'll fight side by side with you and make sure you can fight more later.
Kirana Ryder Tal'at'cuyir. Amazing. Keep it up sister! Live up to your blood and I'll cheer you on!
Zee'Roh Kora I wear your suit with honor. I will not let your name or legacy down.
Sana Ryder Smart woman. Glad she's on our side.
Jallo You fight beside us when you don't have to. I like fighting with you.
Kohnner We are a bunch of targets. It's okay. I will fix what they break.
Tarq Najjic You speak very strangely. I like you but I think I also want to punch you.
Narsai Ordo Al'Verde's riduur. Good woman and keeps him here with us.
Domino Lost in trying to be the villain. Sometimes it's okay to have a heart with those you trust.

RP Hooks

Taun.png Death Watch ~ She was born of two. She has a reason to speak about this.
Taun.png Children of the Watch ~ She was one. She's not anymore. Got a reason to debate this?
Taun.png Exploring ~ Being underground for a while caused her to really want to explore. She's curious.
Taun.png Combat Doctor ~ Need quick triage, she can help. She's a doctor and she can help in a pinch.
Taun.png Clan Kora ~ She is not a spokesperson for them but she can help direct you to the right voice.
Taun.png Mute ~ She doesn't like to speak. She has the means to communicate though she only speaks Mando'a. She is now able to speak but she doesn't do it a lot.
Taun.png Learning ~ She is willing to learn a lot of different things. Any learning is good learning.


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