Fae Renta

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Fae Renta is a former member of the Hapes Consortium that has, through a twist of fate, found herself outside of the mists of Hapes and working as a mercenary for Clan Kora on Nar Shaddaa. As the pilot of the Kyber Heart, Fae Renta spends much of her time surrounded by members of the Mandalorian Clan. Though she's recently begun her journey into life as a Mandalorian, she still oftentimes feels as if she still has one foot back home on Hapes. Torn between two worlds -- the past and the present -- Fae has found herself at a crossroads and an impossible decision.

Early Life



The Hapes Consortium

Early Training

Hapes Consortium Royal Guard

Clan Kora and Nar Shaddaa (RP Hooks)

Pilot of the Kyber Heart

Clan Kora Blood to Be

Character Themes and Motifs

Inner Conflit

Preservation of Life

Family and Self