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The Felicity is a Sorosuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000, named after Raim Shah's grandmother. From a young age, the elder Chiss had always told Raim that he would amount to great things, a circumstance that up until recently the man was confident that he had failed. Upon escaping from his employment to the Hutt Cartel and finally finding a newly acquired happiness alongside Rheisa Dirleel, the name seemed fitting. The ship was bought new and soon outfitted with a list of upgrades. The ship is used often when the Chiss has reason to go abroad, and can also be found on his private landing pad atop Dacon Tower, or birthed in the CoreStar Spaceport for occasional social parties.

After Raim passed in the Hosnian Prime attack it was sold to Devii for a sum of 300,000 credits and outfitted later with a full compliment of weapons


The ship is crewed by a full flight crew in addition to several droids. Also, a full kitchen and housekeeping staff are brought on for longer journeys to ensure the comfort of the Chiss and his guests.


The Sorosuub Personal Luxury Yacht 3000 is outfitted with upgraded engines, bringing the vessels atmosphere speed up to 130 MGLT and space speed to 100 MGLT. In addition, the yacht has been outfitted with a 0.75x Hyperdrive, making the ship far faster than it was originally designed. All modifications were installed by Moergog in the Gearhead District to Raim Shah's wishes. Recently two Heavy Laser Canons, a single Heavy Ion Canon, and a single Quad Laser Turret were added in order to assist The Resistance in operations. These weapons were installed by Qadira Suuryet and Sapphira Solari