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Born of Corellians, raised in the backwaters, Fenwick Mare is a young man seeking to do right by himself and those around him. He once was a member of the Resistance, and a medical student before that, but the idea of prolonged warfare left him disillusioned. After running from his growing fears, loyal friends and an uncertain future, he wanders aimlessly across the Galaxy.


Born in the year 1082, Fenwick Mare was raised by a pair of Corellian parents with serious and extensive criminal charges against them. They may have been criminals but they loved their kid and looked out for Fenwich; however, at a very young age he became separated from them. Landing himself in government child and family services on a backwater planet, he was adopted by Force-sensitive wartime veterans. The pair were a loving couple with their daughter Ahna and he grew up in a decent household with a supportive extended family.

Fenwick's childhood was without any real fault. He excelled in his schooling and became an avid sports player. Some of his hobbies also included the pursuit of string instruments. While his foster sister joined the local policing element, the Kiffu Guardians, Fenwick when becoming of age traveled off-world to study at Coronet University of Corellia. While on vacation with friends, some of which were Imperial sympathizers, he and the others found themselves on a list of political undesirables and caught in an incursion between the Resistance and First Order. Torn by his friends' decisions to betray one another, Fenwick used his medical schooling to better assist the Resistance as a combat medic. Friendships were shattered and some were maintained, and even more were created such as with his socializing with the likes of Nym Landala.

This was not to last, however. After years of service, burnt out from conflict, he decided to leave the Resistance.

Fenwick settled into a life of relative obscurity in Hutt space and became something of a physician among the scum and nihilistic freedom that is Nar Shaddaa. After somewhat amicably breaking up in a long-term relationship with his Zabrak girlfriend, Fenwick decided to seek employment and living elsewhere. With the desire to make something of himself greater than continue years of listlessness, and alcoholism, he readily agreed to a position aboard the Dusty Jawa when offered the job by Sar Yavok, a friend made during his stay on Nar Shaddaa.

Currently, Fenwick Mare serves alongside a rambunctious, rough-and-tumble crew as a doctoring type.


A man around six feet in height, this human male has a lean muscled and broad-shouldered build. His black hair is trimmed short to the scalp. There's a white patch near his left temple, remnants of an old wound, and the hair near his ears is losing its color from shoddy genetics. The man's facial hair includes mutton chops, a goatee with connected mustache and scruffy stubble. His irises are a light brown. He has a straight nose and strong chin, dimples forming around a charming smile. His brown skin tone is light and smooth. When uncovered, there are tattoos across his body. He appears to be in his mid or late twenties.

The following is a list of his tattoos, very few of them being monochromatic. He has a colored full sleeve on his left arm with Corellian pop culture. It blends into his shoulder, left pectoral and upper back. Of note is a Corellian sand-panther leading a pack of dire-cats, a handful of holo-characters, and some famous band references like Red Shift Limits, the Modal Nodes and Hyperdrive. His right upper arm and chest depicts the Battle of Yavin. This right sleeve appears to be a work in progress, fading around his elbow and upper forearm. Over his heart is the Rebel Phoenix, roughly the size of a fist. He has the phrase "I will either find a way or make one" in High Galactic over his right ribs. Circling the lower half of the ribs-phrase is a krayt dragon protecting a treasure trove. Over his abdomen and left hip is a scantily-dressed rutian Twi'lek playing a Jizz instrument. A caduceus-like object is focused around his navel. Old Corellian surrounds it, 'Save One' above and 'Save All' below. Rumor has it he has a butt tattoo of the Aurebesh letter 'M' on the right cheek. He neither confirms nor denies its existence.

Fenwick is usually wearing relaxed and simple, comfortable clothing. He often simply wears a pair of black, threadbare trousers and old work boots. They match well enough with any of his shirts and jackets to protect against the environments around him, often colored in various shades of white and black, and browns. His accessories include a brown utility belt with a blaster pistol's holster on his left side, worn reverse for a right-handed draw. He also keeps a brown shoulder harness for a second blaster pistol holster. The man often carries a satchel or backpack supplied with medical equipment. When expecting trouble, he has a set of old Cinnigar S-series light combat armor.


Fenwick is an extrovert, personable and straightforward. He is compassionate and when in doubt he will do what he thinks is the right thing. Admittedly, however, his sense of right and wrong is somewhat skewed and potential mistakes or problematic situations caused by his actions strongly vex him. This makes his confidence slightly unstable, making him seem naive and impressionable but it battles a strong determination and willpower, and sharp instincts.

He tries to be easy to relate to, in the guise of a conversationalist or counselor. As the adage goes, he's not much of a lover or a fighter, but he is more than willing to take up arms to protect those he cares for. He respects authority and values a strong work ethic, finding assertiveness in this particular sense of duty. The man is also spiritual.

Fenwick hates gizkas. He possibly has an addiction to stims, and drinks a lot. He also shies away from discussing his involvement with the Resistance and First Order. Rumor has it that the man collects action figures of famous galactic persons, and animal plushies.

Notable Relationships

Quinn Ca'lio - Gunner - A recent hire, Fenwick is happy enough that there are people closer to his age and then, in turn, younger than he is. Being as able-bodied as the rest of the crew, Fenwick treats her like family if only because she reminds him of his foster sister.

Gren Delede - Gramps - Fenwick looks up to Gren Delede like an old family member. This respect survives, albeit somewhat grudgingly, even when the old man is drunk and volatile. He understands that Gren has his back and so will do what he can to help out the man whenever necessary.

Nym Landala - Sprite - Back in the Resistance, Fenwick worked as a medical professional and sortied at times as a medic for away teams. He may not have worked directly with Nym Landala, but they know each other. It makes things difficult now that he’s running into her again after leaving the Resistance.

Miz Viasco – Scav – During a stint on Nar Shaddaa, Fenwick initially ran into Miz at random near to the Parmac's Starport and while, some would argue, intoxicated. Fen at least remembers enough of that initial meeting to continue to look out for the other guy whenever they run into each other.

Sar Yavok - Old Man - Fenwick considers Sar Yavok to be one of his few friends made during his stay on Nar Shaddaa. They met originally in passing through dealings with NSec, of which Sar was a member, and Fen has stuck around after finding out about Sar being an Alliance war vet. Fen treats Sar as the mentor he never had.

RP Hooks

Dusty Jawa - Fenwick Mare currently works aboard the Dusty Jawa as its resident physician. It is not the best of positions in his life but the medical gig suits his needs just fine. He can easily be found aboard the ship interacting with fellow crewmembers or planet-side wherever it is currently docked.

Family Name - Before finding it necessary to take the nearest shuttle off-planet, Fenwick's parents were members of a crime family in the Coronet, Corellia area. CorSec charges levied against them include but are not limited to credit laundering, drug and gang-related affairs, theft, assault and battery, and murder. The Mare name is not a pleasant name thanks to them.

Kiffu Guardians - One of the planets that Fenwick's parents fled to was under the Guardians' jurisdiction. Fenwick ended up in foster care and adopted by locals. While he himself left the planet as a young adult, his foster sister joined the Guardians and many of his foster family are members. Fen keeps in contact.

Nar Shaddaa Society - Fenwick spent a lot of time in the varying districts of Nar Shaddaa, offering his medical skills to anyone willing to pay. At times, he provided pro bono work or otherwise bartered beyond credits alone. His nickname, Doc Kid, came about during this. He has since dropped the 'Doc' portion.