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Firrerreo (Species)

Resembling Humans, Firrerreo had highly developed canine teeth, two-tone hair, and nictitating membranes protecting eyes that were able to see into the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. These membranes also protected the eyes from intense flashes of light, as well as flying debris.

They also had tremendous ability to heal quickly, able to survive even a direct blaster shot if the damage didn't harm anything vital to the heart or brain. Most minor wounds took minutes to heal, while major ones took mere hours - with their healing factor being rapid enough that the naked eye could watch a wound close.

Firrerreo had gold-colored skin, which would turn silver when angry or frightened, and when wounded would scar over silver. Firrerreo physiology, while similar to human physiology, was filled with enough tiny minute differences that it would baffle a Medisensor if it wasn't programmed for the species. Firrerreo metabolism also required high amounts of protein, and as a result, Firrerreo would often pick the meat out of their food before eating the rest of their meal. Firrerreo were prone to animal like behaviors, from deep growls in the throat, baring of the teeth, snarls, and animal like keening in grief. Their features were often described as wild and feral, and these qualities combined with their more wild tendencies led many races to consider them dangerous, but beautiful.

Firrerre (Planet)

Firrerre was a planet located in the Firrerre system in the Outer Rim Territories. Its sole sentient indigenous species were the near-extinct Firrerreo.

Firrerre's terrain formerly consisted largely of mountains and waterfalls. From space, it appeared that a large area of the planet was covered by oceans. It was also the homeworld of the mishalopes, who once thrived in the mountains and trees near the Grand Falls. The planetary capital was situated beside a waterfall and its buildings including the government center, a school and a church. A spaceport was also located near the capital.


Planetary Quarantine: Firrerre remains under planetary quarantine, following the planet's exposure to an incurable hive virus which is recorded as having eradicated all life on the planet. The strain is highly virulent. No landings authorized.

In-Game Bonuses & Feats

  • Intelligence: +5
  • Charisma: +5
  • Rapid Healing Feat
  • Low-Light Vision Feat