Fivv'c Tull

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Years on the Home Planet of Barab:

Childhood on Barab was typical of the clan mentality. Nothing abnormal happened during her years growing up. She loved to hunt and train for battle. Her father was prone to shock fighting and after she grew up, to an appropriate age, he would take her to the matches with him. She was the only girl out of the particular nest. She knew love and kindness by not only her parents, but her brothers and the rest of the very large clan. Deep down, from a young age, she always knew she wanted more than to stay on Barab and raise younglings. She wanted out, she wanted to explore, study and fight!

The most significant event in her life was when she left Barab. Though they were proud of her, the tribe, her parents and siblings, really didn't want her to go. They supported her none the less and out into the big blackness of space she went. She left when she was around 22 years of age. She participated in shock fights and finally landed in schooling for law enforcement. She liked the idea because it sort of mirrored her beliefs long instilled by the clan.


She has landed on Nar Shaddaa and through dealing with people, has ended up with a group known as The Shadowport. She continues to practice her own idea of law, which can lead her into trouble, which she seems to enjoy. She talks oddly, referring to herself as THIS ONE... lone Barabel do not have names, though she was named in her clan, she does not use it since she is no longer with the clan. Through the Shadowport, she has become knows as "LAW" and is quite a gun slinger. She does her best to employ her own personal ideas of law, whether it is true or not.

She LOVES to fight. She would tell you about the fight club, but that's against the rules.

She laughs at all the wrong times, and enjoys smiling, showing off all her sharp pointed teeth.

Perhaps you know her from Shock fights? She has won several title belts.

She is EXTREMELY ugly, to the point of scaring small children. She's also 6 feet tall.

She is looking to open up her own law office/jail cells/medical clinic. This One has degrees!

She likes to recite as well as write poetry! Maybe you've seen her at an open mic nite.