Free Enterprise

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History and Background

Free Enterprise, Inc. is openly a loose conglomerate of trading and smuggling captains, primarily operating between Kessel and Nar Shaddaa. In reality, they are a group of pirate captains who have banded together in the aftermath of the First Order invasion, seeing opportunity in the destruction of the Republic fleet and the inability of the Order to patrol trade routes with their limited number of ships and need to consolidate their victory.

The Crews

The Fleet

Looting and Pillaging

To Be a Scurvy Dog

Unlike some other orgs, there are some caveats for flying the black flag in space. Obviously, Free Enterprise does not try to publicly broadcast that they're pirates, and they have secrets about their ships, their bases, and their members. When wanting to join up, be aware of this; it's not easy to leave the group once you know those secrets, and attempting to desert, or to sell said secrets to other groups may very well result in consequences, up to and including a kill-on-sight bounty. Contact Aliraet with questions.