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FZ-4792 ("Fuze")

Title: FZ-4792
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Occupation: Squadron Commander
Profession: TIE Fighter Pilot
Organization: First Order
Ship: Finalizer


FZ-4792 (callsign "Fuze", aka "Aurek One") is a TIE Fighter pilot squadron commander aboard the RSD Finalizer. She is ruthless and cold, and an ace pilot.

Character Quotes

"We own the air." - Fuze, in jingoistic mood.

"But you're just a girl." - Fuze, to Nym Landala.

-(OOC)- Cybil Greer says, "Fuze and Triz should just hug it out already xD"


Taken from her biological family as an infant and raised in a secure facility. Which fact she is extremely proud of. Biological families are weaknesses. She was always a conformist, but not for the simple sake of conformity; no, it was the best way to slipstream and overtake those in the driving seat so that /she/ could be in the driving seat. Her favorite pastime was practice flights in the TIE fighter simulators, and she was willing to beg and do practically anything to get more (simulated) airtime. Identified early as a dominant personality type (which would be ESTJ-A in another galaxy in the future), she was groomed to be a pilot and commander, and is fulfilling her teachers' predictions well.

History (since posting to the ISD Finalizer, subsequently to the Nar Shaddaa garrison)

  • Attacked a Serenno militia fighter base - base destroyed (buried under a rockslide) with no friendly casualties.
  • Air Support taking out turret batteries on a Serenno militia military base. Eight turrets neutralized. One TIE fighter damaged flying too close to an exploding turret, made it back to the Finalizer but the pilot died in medbay.
  • Air support covering one of the last offensives on Serenno before the planet was declared pacified. Went head to head with an X-wing. Held her nerve and destroyed the X-wing, but her TIE-fighter was destroyed impacting the debris of the Resistance fighter. Ejected, and left dangling in a tree to be humiliatingly rescued by ground forces.
  • Air Support covering a ground assault on a crashed ship on Endor. Four X-Wings were intercepted: two were damaged and one destroyed.
  • Accompanying four TIE fighters being shipped on ground transports on Serenno, their convoy is attacked, and Fuze is injured.
  • A routine patrol over Serenno results in the shooting down of an alleged medical ship by her wingman, Pox.
  • Another routine patrol over Bayuir turns up gun-runners, and her wingman claims a kill.
  • Luke Skywalker is spotted, Rancors are killed, and Luke sucker-punches her TIE out of the sky. Fuze is unamuzed.
  • An investigation into Luke Skywalker's presence on Felucia rapidly goes south. Fuze rappels down into a cave and is eaten by an underground bird thing. Only prompt action by HL-3114 saves her life. The nightmares in her bacta tank will stay with her, however, for a long time to come.
  • Taking part in the Battle of Felucia, she is shot down, and her gunner killed, by the red X-wing. She wants that pilot more than anything.
  • Supporting ground troops over Sullust, she once more encounters the red X-wing. During the ensuing dogfight the two ships make physical contact and both crews eject. She then encounters Nym Landala on the ground. Words are exchanged. Fuze returns to the Finalizer a little more thoughtful than she was when she left.
  • Meets FN-4126.
  • Posted to Nar Shaddaa to support the Hutt insurrection.
  • Is ambushed and shot down. Ends up in her crippled fighter dangling over a concrete chasm from some power cables. Is rescued by FN-4126 and her squad before the Resistance start experimenting with the physics of free-falling bodies.
  • Is shot down (again), this time by Triz Dermout. Later, in a bar, she runs into none other than Triz Dermout, who learns of Fuze's identity (but not vice-versa). Words are exchanged, and friendship is quite out of the question. Fuze tosses down the gauntlet, offering to take on her new nemesis one on one.
  • The challenge is accepted and Fuze goes head to head with Triz Dermout. After being on the losing end of most of the dogfight, Triz pulls a blinding maneuvre that badly damages Fuze's ship. Fuze is saved by the arrival of two more TIEs, and she 'accidentally' allows her own TIE to block their fire. Triz escapes.
  • The pilots of the TIEs in the previous incident vent their ire on Fuze in what turns out to be a bar-room brawl. Nobody dies, much to the disgust of some of the onlookers.
  • Is in the skies during the operation where Sabella is used as bait to capture or kill Gren Delede. Things go wrong for the First Order. She engages her old adversary, Triz Dermout, and shoots her down. Believing Triz dead, she sinks into depression at having killed her arch-enemy, a depression that only deepens when her 'death' is confirmed by Jax Greystorm.

RP Hooks

  • Values excellence in any given task, be it in herself or in others.
  • Ambitious and ruthless. The ends justify the means. Dead men's shoes.
  • Aids and abets a fierce interservice rivalry between her pilots and the Stormtroopers - particularly Booker. But it's all in good sport. Until someone ends up in medbay.
  • Cocky. Want to take her down a notch or two?
  • Loves a good game of Sabacc. She bluffs well.
  • Has nightmares about monsters in dark caves. You can't really blame her.

Theme Songs

Harold Faltermeyer, Top Gun Theme

"By the ring around his eyeball, you can tell a bombardier,
You can tell a bomber pilot by the spread around his rear,
You can tell a navigator by his charts and maps and such,
You can tell a fighter pilot...but you cannot tell him much!"

- Anon, to the tune of 'John Brown's body'.


GM House Rules

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