Fyrris Vochar

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Fyrris Vochar

Title: Four Armed Bandit
Race: Codru-Ji
Sex: Male
Profession: Gambler
Homeworld: Munto Codru
Organization: Privately Employed
Ship: Hitch hiker


Like all Codru-Ji the first years of Fyrris’s life were spent as a wyrwolf, taught as best as he could be in his early year as a sectopod canid. His parents being moderately affluent within their local region, really the equivalent of aldermen, or a mayoral associate, made him a target, and during one of the ritual kidnappings so frequent on Munto Codru. The problem that followed was the kidnappers were hired out from mercenaries in the system who, not understanding the children of the species, simply left and sold Fyrris to a high society couple who were looking for an exotic pet. Well cared for and affectionate to his new caretakers, the change in lifestyle, while an initial shock was something a creature like a Wyrwolf could better adapt to than other kidnapped children.
Upon his metamorphosis, in their suite on the Star Princess, at puberty - Gellif and Oona Vochar of Thyferra considered, and accepted, the option of simply keeping the young man. A interesting family feature, and a talking point among the cartel families at home - Fyrris, named so by his adoptive parents, was taught by family tutors, becoming another Thyferran ‘Noble’ with little skill other than reading a room and being charming when needed. Much of his time was spent, when not being tutored, started revolving around card play and betting on races. Spending his family’s money on risks, and slowly learning how to lie with a smile and read others for how to better manipulate or read them while at the table.
In his mid-twenties, while aboard a gambling cruise ship, Fyrris found out how bad a gambler he was, stranded without credits and turned off the ship at the next port of call - his family was frustrated with his overspending of his allowance and required he figure out how to get home, and they would only help if it was life and death.
Six months spent on a space station in the Corporate Sector, he learned his greatest talents in palming and tricking others into giving away their tells. Successful in securing enough credits to book a cruise that would take him home, Fyrris was sure he’d found his calling.

Present State

Fyrris often travels with Atrel Katah, despite owning the Pazaak and Tabac he's happy to buzz around the galaxy with the Arkanian scientist - often time getting into shenanigans involving card and dice games whil she goes off... and sciences. The purchase of the T&P was an unexpected boon. A regular of the location, when the former owner went dark and missing, the four armed bandit couldn't help himself and snatched up his new prize; a gambling den of his own.