GY-1 Information Analysis Droid

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The GY-I information analysis droid was created by Cybot Galactica to be an efficient and hardworking "Intelligence Analysis Unit". These droids have served in a wide variety of intelligence and research rolls for both the Galactic Empire and the New Republic.


The GY-1 is capable of processing up to 500,000 packets of information per second, and is very adaptable in terms of accepting new programming. Cybot Galactica created several add-ons to increase the usefulness of this unit. For example, the company created a module which would allow GY-Is to calculate and hold up to thirty hyperspace coordinates. Another modification turned the droid into a "financial wizard" capable of using complicated mathematics to manage large amounts of capital. GY-1 droids also served in the Imperial Research division of the Galactic Empire, analyzing research and scientific data.