General Hux

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General Hux is a brilliant, self-controlled, and ambitious embodiment of the First Order's ideals: the technological opposite of Kylo Ren.

He is a strong proponent of the First Order's simulation-based training plan, a regimen that turns children into adaptable and loyal shock troopers and pilots with greater consistency than the Old Empire ever achieved.

General Hux is the commander of both the Star Destroyer Finalizer and Starkiller Base.


Not everyone waits their turn.

General Hux stands exactly six feet tall and holds himself as though taller. His red hair is neatly trimmed, parted, and brushed back to never touch his face. Large deep blue eyes look out from beneath arched ginger eyebrows. A patrician nose and full lips complete his youthful features. Below, the chin of his strong jaw has a sharp cleft. His posture is as arrogant as his military discipline permits, and his movements convey confidence.

He currently wears a tall-collared, wide-shouldered black uniform. On his sleeve below his left shoulder is the dark starburst emblem of the First Order in black, white, and red. The uniform parts below a black belt with a large rectangle of glinting metal covering the clasp. His black trousers tuck into carefully-shined black leather boots.