Grafn Struss

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The Tale of Grafn Struss


"They call it the worst defeat the Rebel Alliance suffered during the Galactic Civil War. A major battle! I'm sure those little ground-pounders claim all manner of credit, but I'll tell you this, they'd not have gotten half as far without our glorious AT-ATs! Like ants they were! Busying about underfoot. Pests."

A rattle of ice about a slowly emptying tumbler punctuates the tale.

"Beautiful examples of Imperial ingenuity and engineering the AT-AT. Gorgeous machines from fore to stern! The pace was nothing short of balletic, slow for certain, but ones doom was impending!"

Ice rattles once more, and then there's a splash. A very generous refill.

"Yes they slung tow-ropes about our legs, which shows you the rebels were just as capable of being clever and often more so than our plodding commanders. Course back then I was loyal to a fault, you should have seen me in my crisp uniform. A different man!"

"Still. It was what it was. We did our duty. Bloody cold as it was. I should go back one day, dress up warm of course. Be interesting to see it from ground level, instead of peering down upon all I surveyed!"

"I wonder if I could get an AT-ST of my own... hah. Foolish talk."


Slightly sauced...

A good many years were spent in the service of the Empire. Records state that Grafn Struss was nothing if not an effective combat pilot and driver, with Hoth being his most notable deployment. Piloting the mighty AT-AT, to piloting troop dropships into the midst of blaster fire and worse, Grafn's record was nothing if not that of a fiercely dedicated servant of the Empire. And then it gets a little murky, with mentions of criminal proceedings, and his apparent fleeing of the Empire. Grafn pops up here and there, as a mercenary of variable value, piloting ships and other sundry vehicles for those with the necessary creds. With no loyalty to any particular regime, Grafn has floated about the galaxy, drifted from port to port, and served who and whatever likely paid his bar tab.


Grafn is mostly equipped with your standard fare, though it seems he almost always has cheap brandy and Shento cigars to hand.

As weapons go, Grafn finds some measure of comfort in wielding a Czerka Arms 6-2Aug2, a fine old weapon, kept polished and oiled, and well looked after by the old pilot.


Despite appearances, Grafn Struss is something of a rather competent pilot, and a combat pilot to boot. His ship, the FRT Stomper is a particularly fast light freighter that can certainly transport cargo and passengers where they need to go, swiftly and often without any questions asked.

1) Ferrying passengers.

What space was meant for a crew is often yielded to passengers, with enough room and facilities to ensure the comfort of two passengers. Discretion is guaranteed. Tipping well ensures higher rates of absent-mindedness. If you need a gun-toting pilot to offer further protection upon arrival? Details and payment can always be arranged, just give him ample notice to ensure there's time to get into his armour.

2) Transporting goods.

It doesn't matter what the destination is, Grafn will transport goods to any locale, regardless of issues of morality.

3) Fighter support.

Grafn knows his way about a fighter, and will be happy to offer any assistance should a convoy need some measure of protection on its journey, should the price be right.

4) Chauffer.

Grafn's skills aren't just limited to flying machines, why if you have need of an armed chauffer with some measure of skill driving ground vehicles also? Grafn can surely oblige for a fee.


Oh here and there, a few brawls in the usual bars and dives, though even despite his age and bulk, Grafn is often able to slip free before any law enforcement arrive.


A formally attired Grafn Struss.
A bon viveur who often makes do. Awfully positive about most things, but then, he's getting on a bit and quite frankly what's the point in being miserable at his age?