Grayson Oakfell

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Grayson has a somewhat complicated, or uncomplicated, past, which she shares with no one. What she does share is that she has served with the naval fleet of the First Order for nearly 10 years, the military having helped pay in part for her advanced specialization in surgical techniques while advancing through medical school. She currently serves aboard the RSD Finalizer, after being selected for service by Kylo Ren. Previous to that she served aboard the RSD Deathhammer IV.


She enjoys relative comfort, though as always she works hard at her profession to find advancement where she can, and has been making a name for herself over the years as a competent and calculating surgeon. She was recruited by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren as surgeon for his Vanguard, assigned as Chief Medical Officer.

This has been a major shift for the woman, with newfound freedom afforded with the assignment, as well as a change in her role; she no longer exists just within medical facilities, she has been pushed to join ground events, to see what the galaxy is really like when at odds with other groups. She's been forced out of her comfort zone, seeing first hand how the injuries come to be on her patients. Resolving to adapt, she instead finds herself struggling to keep up in the fast paced environment outside of her surgical suite.

She has also found time with the new position to find a relationship with an unlikely individual, Corr Waldin. While they may seem like extreme opposites in every way she's managed to find a peace in the man and a new sense of adventure as he constantly invites her to meet new and strange people, and while she is not entirely what his staff do or how effective they are (she thinks not very), she often sends jobs to find rare wines to his group the Explorer's Guild.


Grayson is very dedicated to what she does and those she cares for, utilizing all her resources to their full measure to ensure she is benefiting her work and those she deems worthy of her caring. A strong-willed individual she is not easily pushed over, rising up to engage with those who may think her kindness is a weakness, showing that she does indeed have fangs she is willing to use. Her kindness comes easily to people at first until they prove themselves unworthy, and then she can be utterly cold and dismissive. Patience exists within Grayson to a point; she does not suffer fools. To all others her patience can seem unending, particularly with patients. She enjoys the nice things in life, and has worked hard to get where she is in her career and personal life so that she can enjoy those nice things: Fine wines, beautiful clothing, exotic excursions and a modicum of freedom within the First Order.