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Caterpillars and Frogdogs


After a generic newscast claiming that the next generation in speeder technology would be released within a few standard weeks but providing no additional details, Incom-FreiTek stock skyrockets. Since financial whales rarely part with their credits so easily on the word of a nameless corporate shill, Guri grows curious and dedicates a few resources to sussing out whether an opportunity is available to be exploited.

At the same time, Black Sun operatives have discovered that Kiaran Zendu, a middle-aged Corellian, has quietly filed a missing persons report explaining that his daughter Voda Zendu has run away. While not particularly interesting on the surface, the man's position as a manager in the Future Division of Incom-FreiTek and the timing of the report with the newscast are awfully coincidental.


  • Kiaran's wife committed suicide a number of years ago.
  • The man in the picture with Voda is wearing a Crimson Frogdogs jacket.
  • The Crimson Frogdogs are a speeder gang out of Tatooine comprised of mostly college aged speeder enthusiasts.
  • The Crimson Frogdogs are small-time criminal if at all. They steal vehicles from time to time and do other small jobs to get the credits to support their toy habits.
  • The father might have more information.
  • The daughter might have more information.
  • The Incom-Freitek research lab on Nar Shaddaa might have more information.
  • Given the man's wife killed herself, it's strange that the father did not seem super concerned about his daughter in the missing person's report.
  • The spike in the company's stock looks suspiciously like something that happened with a pharmaceutical company a little while back.
  • The source of the spike at the pharmaceutical company was a leak from within the organization and some tricky work from highly paid slicers.
  • Alexis Carew thinks the building may be familiar. Mercenary contacts may make things easier.


  • The group decides to approach the father first.