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Hadrix has a definitive bloodlust when in the battlefield and has periodic difficulty reigning in his preference to blast first, blast again, then use fire. Off the field he maintains a tightly controlled personae, but with a distinct love of the finer things- though to him this means nerf burgers and cigarras, typically acquired in greasy spoon type diners and mid-grade bars. Generally a pragmatist in operation and attitude, his logic is often couched with un-apologetically blunt and direct options being the most practical, if not most preferred, solution. Hadrix often has difficulty relating to non-stormtroopers, having been raised in a regimented environment generally devoid of allusion or metaphor. His thinking operates, generally, along those same lines. He genuinely believes in the cause of the First Order, and that it is the means of bringing peace and prosperity of the galaxy and his fervor seems impenetrable to others attempts to change his mind.

Hadrix sees those in the Vanguard, particularly fellow Stormtroopers, in a familial sense and is dedicated to the ideal that no one be left behind.

RP Hooks

A Night Out - Sometimes bar RP is fun, sometimes it leads to a brawl, a debate, philosophical argument, or riding the mechanical nerf at the Blue Light.

Mean Mentor - Hadrix has been asked by some for combat training, it gets him out and about, and sometimes its just fun to make acquaintances via RP.

Explosions and Blasters - Hadrix lives for combat, maybe it was the intention, and maybe it just breaks out. KABOOM!!!

Food Hadrix spends a lot of time in PT - when he gets out he often is hungry... very hungry, and is rarely polite in his table manners. Come, eat with him, they will sing legends of the mass consumption!

More as they are thought of.

History and Background

Born on Coruscant, and taken for Stormtrooper training from the hospital nursery as a conscript to the First Order, AO-904 was the first name that the man who would be known as Hadrix Rol had, and would have for the first decades of his life. Part of Creche - Aurek, Subgroup Osk, he was the 904th member of a total training group of 1200.

By age 10 he was part of combat active training cadres, serving on live fire operations with his fellow trainees under the guidance of graduated troopers. A killer before his twelfth birthday, a veteran by the time he was twenty. A survivor of multiple battlefields, the death of Starkiller Base was the most jarring to 904, having been on the surface only minutes before the destruction, when the base had begun to fall, 904 knew only his duty. Ten times, during the evacuation he volunteered to go into the thick of the destruction to retrieve First Order command staff not accounted for. Evading growing fissures and risking life and limb to retrieve priority staff, armor growing more damaged, helmet removed when it was caught between rubble that would have otherwise crushed a naked head he utilized all of his equipment to do his duty, to serve. In the end, power packs gone having been used to breach fused doors, rifle gone to brace open a hatch, and one sleeve of armor torn loose in another that had slammed on it, he lept aboard one of the last shuttles with an intelligence commander over one shoulder, and a host of officers herded ahead of him. Soon after he received orders regarding The Vanguard.


Oozlevort waddles out of the weapon shop with his security droid in tow. He pauses to take a deep breath of ammonia from his breathing mask
-(OOC)- Kasia Ashkuri says, "There you go again, with that ammonia addiction of yours. Oozlevort, you need help!"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Crazy bug is huffin' the A! Intervention!"
-(OOC)- Oozlevort says, "ITS THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE"
-(OOC)- Kasia Ashkuri says, "INTERVENTION TIME"

<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "Willpower is to resist the urge to stop killing"
<First Order-OOC> Ciferni says, "?"
<First Order-OOC> Ciferni says, "????"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "Hadrix! Hadrix! You've killed enough" willpower check "NO! KILL MORE!!!"
<First Order-OOC> Ciferni says, "I'm just going to shoot you."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix XD

<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Remind me to never have a PC slave."
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "Don't have a PC slave"
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Thank you."
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael checks 'reminder' off the to-do list!
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "You're a gift."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "No, the action figures I gave you were a gift."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "He's Oran"
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael can be returned for store credit
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "I regret joining this faction."

Oran Arcantael (Oran) pages Domino and Hadrix: DOMINO TELL HADRIX I HATE HIM
From afar (to Oran Arcantael and Hadrix), Domino (dom) eyes you two, "What happened?"
Oran Arcantael (Oran) pages Domino and Hadrix: HE'S A BAD MAN
Domino (dom) pages Oran Arcantael and Hadrix: So are you. And?
Oran Arcantael (Oran) pages Domino and Hadrix: Well... he's a worse man.

From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: Day 47."
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: The speck is back again. It taunts me."
-(OOC)- Grayson Oakfell salts in some sea monkeys for Drath
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: As I float in this metaphorical prison, void of both time and space, suspended in a bubble of my own belief, I wonder... What was it all for?"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: <Scene>"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: And that's part of the book Drath has been writing in his head this whole time. It'll be on sale tomorrow."
-(OOC)- Grayson Oakfell says, "Penny rack?"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: ... Probably."
-(OOC)- Grayson Oakfell says, "Cheaper than toilet paper! I'll connect with sanitation services and you'll be rich!"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: I AM A SERIOUS ARTIST."
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "SO IT BETTER BE SERIOUS TP!"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: Perfect name. Seriously TP."
- The draining sequence on bacta tank - 10283 initiates as Drath's treatment comes to an end. He is now free to exit the tank.
Swinging his massive Modified T-21 - 15145 repeater-type weapon to bear, Hadrix takes up a steady firing position, and prepares to do battle.
Drath has arrived.
[»ATTACK« ( +54)] Hadrix's T-21 Rifle hits Drath. <67 WP/6 SP>
-(OOC)- Drath runs around nekkid.
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "NOW GET BACK IN!!! XD"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "Noooooo."

"Behave," Oran dryly side-eyes Arvis, at the eye roll, the quaint duties, all of it. It's a triangle of side-eye, here. Back to Hadrix. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he replies regarding hard candies and joint cream, then continues.

-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "I spy... with my little eye... something... black."
-(OOC)- Drath says, "Space?"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Shit"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "IT'S ALL SPACE."
-(OOC)- Drath hands Hadrix a book.
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "THERE ARE STARS TOO!"

-(OOC)- Karys says, "Drath is distracting me from posing."
-(OOC)- Karys says, "Posing"
-(OOC)- Drath says, ">:O"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Stop butt flexing Drath, you know it's hard to look away"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "It's my charm."

<First Order-OOC> Artemis leaves a nerf burger in Hadrix' dorm.
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix is unable to stop himself and walks into death trap. Hopefully is allowed one bite before the sniper round hits
<First Order-OOC> Artemis drags the tranquilized Hadrix to a beauty salon. "I wish to have him thoroughly Hadrazzled before he wakes up."
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Frosted tips. Skinny jeans."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "You monster XD"
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Drawn on muscle definition."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix spits tea.
<First Order-OOC> Ravelyn says, "He's never getting those skinny jeans off."
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Reeking of Axe body spray. An entire can."
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Tatooed on eyebrows."
<First Order-OOC> Ravelyn says, "Make sure he gets a slightly too orange spray tan too"
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Pink v-neck shirt."
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "At /least/ two sizes too small."
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "NO. Fish net shirt."
<First Order-OOC> Ravelyn says, "Yes. This is horrible. It's your masterpiece, Art"
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Omg, perfect. With one of those weird police style hats."
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Artemis has a weird relationship with the Dark Side."
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Now Hadrix, you have to walk around with a consistent ':O' surprise face."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix arises as Brosidon! Triton's crown on his head and trident in hand. "NOW I AM THE RULER OF ALL THE BROCEAN! THE BROS OBEY MY EVERY WISH!!!" he looks to see an Emo-Prince on half a shipwreck, somehow steering it towards him. Uh oh! Stabbed in gut! Sinks! Lighting strikes! Ded.
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Well, Hadrix is reassigned to Mon Cal."

<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Oran goes straight from the meeting to the swimming pool."
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "I need the chlorine to kill all this Artemis cooties"
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "Is it not the most amusing place we have to idle though? Haha. We have a damn pool."
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "I think in terms of 'coolness' that would be the observation lounge."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix sets up Hadrix in a Speedo in the multi-desc and plans his new idle spot ;)
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Mankini."
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "Hell yeah brother"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "I accept your terms, Art"
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "'I require the extra support, sir.'"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix cleans up more tea...

-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "You know Drath, you can't even feel bad. You barrel rolled an assault lander through a wall."
-(OOC)- Drath says, "Yea, still reeling from that xD"
-(OOC)- Artemis says, "Way more awesome than just shooting people."
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Like... Everyone else but Artemis probably has that on their bucket list. Artemis would be adding 'shoot down a barrel rolling dropship' I suspect"
-(OOC)- Duke says, "Am I still allowed to have a bucket list after my first death?"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Yes. Bucket List 2: Bucket Lister"
-(OOC)- Drath is on that one.
-(OOC)- Artemis says, "Dual-wielding rifles full tilt, doing a slow barrel-roll between two airborne trooper carriers, and piercing the cockpit of a pursuing craft to take out the pilot, before safely landing in the other carrier."
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "K. Artemis wins."