Hadrix Rol

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Hadrix Rol

Title: AO-904
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: StormTrooper
Profession: Soldier
Homeworld: Coruscant
Organization: First Order

Hadrix is a Stormtrooper member of the First Order's Vanguard, the elite special forces team hand selected by Kylo Ren himself. Hadrix serves as an unofficial weapons expert to the Vanguard. Known to be extremely protective of other creche raised brothers and sisters serving the First Order - feeling a familial connection to those raised in the same environment and manner.

Character Info

Raised in Creche Aurek, Subgroup Osk, one of the Order's particularly brutal training creches for Stormtroopers, Hadrix was brought up from infancy to be an unfeeling killing machine, and as such had been likened to a leashed animal by many.

AO-904, self named Hadrix, does bear a definitive bloodlust and an excitement to be thrust into battle. The thrill of combat and the exhulation of victory. Life outside of the Stormtrooper Corps has allowed an expansion of views, and the passion for combat has also been turned towards art and life experience. Having not been allowed to before, he has gained an affection for simple and complex beauties ranging from simply observing rainstorms or a good nerf burger to some of the most elaborate symphonic, or operatic, compositions of the core. But there is still violence in him, a true beserker who has learned to tightly control his battle lust for when he most needs it. Hadrix seeks to balance the love of combat that boils beneath the surface, trying to be a man and not a beast waiting to be set loose. His familial connection with the Vanguard has become a temperance to that, having been told that 'Once you save someone's life you're responsible for them' and taking that phrase to heart.


Oran Arcantael - An unlikely rolemodel, helping to teach forms of balance between worlds as well as help nurture his love of the arts.
Drath - Like a younger brother, well cared and worried after. The man's ability to keep a bright attitude despite his surroundings is inspirational.
Karys - An unexpected sort of compatriot. Having saved Karys after what could have been fatal injury during her first Vanguard operation, She maintains a place as a bright, sugar fueled, figure that well compliments his own gruff and brooding demeanor.
Saanvi - A unique curiosity, and a regular conversationalist with Hadrix due to his numerous visits to Med-Bay. Still not quite sure what makes her tick.
Erisi Auslese - Unique, in how personable she is, for a Knight of Ren. Her love of battle is not quite a true thing, but she enjoys her strengths and her pleasant manner in conflict makes her a preferred co-combatant. Her driving skills less so.
Lioria Thrace - She reminds Hadrix of a Stormtrooper graduate, but she is warmer towards other members of the First Order. A unique enigma.
Ravelyn - Ravelyn helped Hadrix come to grips with his place in the order, whether she realizes it or not his respect is less subservient deference and more polite respect.
Duke - The man survived alone on Felucia, he seems addled and crazy, but he is invariably useful and capable when the moment calls for it.
Domino Graystorm - Like a grouchy step aunt at times, like Oran she has been helping him balance the beast and the man - while she doesn't introduce him to much in the ways of the arts, she has helped him understand the need to have fun.
Lozen - Hadrix's instructor to mastery of hand to hand and melee combat. Few people besides Lozen have been able to fight Hadrix to a physical stalemate in close combat and their friendship has led to her being his closest companion to a degree that she is one of a very small select number of people outside the First Order that he would give his life to save.

RP Hooks

A Night Out - Sometimes bar RP is fun, sometimes it leads to a brawl, a debate, philosophical argument, or riding the mechanical nerf at the Blue Light.

Mean Mentor - Hadrix has been asked by some for combat training, it gets him out and about, and sometimes its just fun to make acquaintances via RP.

Explosions and Blasters - Hadrix lives for combat, maybe it was the intention, and maybe it just breaks out. KABOOM!!!

Food Hadrix spends a lot of time in PT - when he gets out he often is hungry... very hungry, and is rarely polite in his table manners. Come, eat with him, they will sing legends of the mass consumption!

More as they are thought of.

History and Background

Born on Coruscant, to Family Rol - an aristocratic bloodline steeped money made in off-world vinyards, textiles, and argriculture farms. Astute and seeking the favor of the First Order, while publicly backing the Republic to hedge their bets, they allowed their child to be taken for Stormtrooper training from the hospital nursery as a conscript to the First Order. He was provided no name by his family, nor any affection.
AO-904 was the only name he ever knew himself by, and would have for the first decades of his life. Part of Creche - Aurek, Subgroup Osk, he was the 904th member of a total training group of 1200. 904 learned quickly, adapted quicker, and was dedicated to proving himself as soon as the very concept of doing so awakened in the child's mind. Often, jeeringly, questioned by his instructors if he was 'Too stupid to fail'.

His creche's brutality was a thing quietly ignored by Corps Command - training fatalities were far higher than other creches, and new conscripts percieved to be undesirable for the corps were put down and incinerated. 904 persevered, suffering broken bones, organ injuries, and concussions before he was 9, exceeding in combat to a degree that had him marked for watching by command staff.

By age 10 he was part of combat active training cadres, serving on live fire operations with other trainees under the guidance of graduated troopers. Intended to be at the back, tending to menial tasks while wearing basic protective plating, 904 had earned both commendation and reprimand for claiming the weapon of a fallen trooper and joining in with cover fire or barrage fire operations - shooting from barricades or available earthworks.
A killer by his twelfth birthday, 904 graduated into the Stormtrooper corps at fifteen years of age, and survived multiple marine actions during his initial tours. Renowned for being inordinately hard headed, and just as hard to kill, he was not put up for leadership positions due to his field beserkergang behavior- a mental trait that Stormtrooper command came to recognize of surviving graduates of Creche - Aurek, Subgroup Osk.
A survivor of multiple battlefields, the death of Starkiller Base was the most jarring to 904. Having been on the surface only minutes before the destruction, when the base had begun to fall, 904 knew only his duty. Ten times, during the evacuation he volunteered to go into the thick of the destruction to retrieve First Order command staff not accounted for.
Evading growing fissures and risking life and limb to retrieve priority staff. Armor, and the man beneath it, growing more damaged with each officer retrieved. Helmet lost when it was caught between rubble that would have otherwise crushed a naked head he utilized all of his equipment to do his duty, to serve. In the end, power packs gone having been used to breach fused doors, rifle gone to brace open a hatch, and one sleeve of armor torn loose in another that had slammed on it, he lept aboard one of the last shuttles with an intelligence commander over one shoulder, and a host of officers herded ahead of him.
Soon after he received orders regarding assignment to The Vanguard.



Oozlevort waddles out of the weapon shop with his security droid in tow. He pauses to take a deep breath of ammonia from his breathing mask
-(OOC)- Kasia Ashkuri says, "There you go again, with that ammonia addiction of yours. Oozlevort, you need help!"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Crazy bug is huffin' the A! Intervention!"
-(OOC)- Oozlevort says, "ITS THE ONLY WAY TO LIVE"
-(OOC)- Kasia Ashkuri says, "INTERVENTION TIME"

<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "Willpower is to resist the urge to stop killing"
<First Order-OOC> Ciferni says, "?"
<First Order-OOC> Ciferni says, "????"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "Hadrix! Hadrix! You've killed enough" willpower check "NO! KILL MORE!!!"
<First Order-OOC> Ciferni says, "I'm just going to shoot you."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix XD

<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Remind me to never have a PC slave."
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "Don't have a PC slave"
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Thank you."
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael checks 'reminder' off the to-do list!
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "You're a gift."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "No, the action figures I gave you were a gift."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "He's Oran"
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael can be returned for store credit
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "I regret joining this faction."

Oran Arcantael (Oran) pages Domino and Hadrix: DOMINO TELL HADRIX I HATE HIM
From afar (to Oran Arcantael and Hadrix), Domino (dom) eyes you two, "What happened?"
Oran Arcantael (Oran) pages Domino and Hadrix: HE'S A BAD MAN
Domino (dom) pages Oran Arcantael and Hadrix: So are you. And?
Oran Arcantael (Oran) pages Domino and Hadrix: Well... he's a worse man.

From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: Day 47."
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: The speck is back again. It taunts me."
-(OOC)- Grayson Oakfell salts in some sea monkeys for Drath
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: As I float in this metaphorical prison, void of both time and space, suspended in a bubble of my own belief, I wonder... What was it all for?"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: <Scene>"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: And that's part of the book Drath has been writing in his head this whole time. It'll be on sale tomorrow."
-(OOC)- Grayson Oakfell says, "Penny rack?"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: ... Probably."
-(OOC)- Grayson Oakfell says, "Cheaper than toilet paper! I'll connect with sanitation services and you'll be rich!"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: I AM A SERIOUS ARTIST."
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "SO IT BETTER BE SERIOUS TP!"
From Bacta Tank - 10283, Drath says, "OOC: Perfect name. Seriously TP."
- The draining sequence on bacta tank - 10283 initiates as Drath's treatment comes to an end. He is now free to exit the tank.
Swinging his massive Modified T-21 - 15145 repeater-type weapon to bear, Hadrix takes up a steady firing position, and prepares to do battle.
Drath has arrived.
[»ATTACK« ( +54)] Hadrix's T-21 Rifle hits Drath. <67 WP/6 SP>
-(OOC)- Drath runs around nekkid.
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "NOW GET BACK IN!!! XD"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "Noooooo."

"Behave," Oran dryly side-eyes Arvis, at the eye roll, the quaint duties, all of it. It's a triangle of side-eye, here. Back to Hadrix. "I have no idea what you're talking about," he replies regarding hard candies and joint cream, then continues.

-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "I spy... with my little eye... something... black."
-(OOC)- Drath says, "Space?"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Shit"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "IT'S ALL SPACE."
-(OOC)- Drath hands Hadrix a book.
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "THERE ARE STARS TOO!"

-(OOC)- Karys says, "Drath is distracting me from posing."
-(OOC)- Karys says, "Posing"
-(OOC)- Drath says, ">:O"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Stop butt flexing Drath, you know it's hard to look away"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "It's my charm."

<First Order-OOC> Artemis leaves a nerf burger in Hadrix' dorm.
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix is unable to stop himself and walks into death trap. Hopefully is allowed one bite before the sniper round hits
<First Order-OOC> Artemis drags the tranquilized Hadrix to a beauty salon. "I wish to have him thoroughly Hadrazzled before he wakes up."
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Frosted tips. Skinny jeans."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "You monster XD"
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Drawn on muscle definition."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix spits tea.
<First Order-OOC> Ravelyn says, "He's never getting those skinny jeans off."
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Reeking of Axe body spray. An entire can."
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Tatooed on eyebrows."
<First Order-OOC> Ravelyn says, "Make sure he gets a slightly too orange spray tan too"
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Pink v-neck shirt."
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "At /least/ two sizes too small."
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "NO. Fish net shirt."
<First Order-OOC> Ravelyn says, "Yes. This is horrible. It's your masterpiece, Art"
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Omg, perfect. With one of those weird police style hats."
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Artemis has a weird relationship with the Dark Side."
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Now Hadrix, you have to walk around with a consistent ':O' surprise face."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix arises as Brosidon! Triton's crown on his head and trident in hand. "NOW I AM THE RULER OF ALL THE BROCEAN! THE BROS OBEY MY EVERY WISH!!!" he looks to see an Emo-Prince on half a shipwreck, somehow steering it towards him. Uh oh! Stabbed in gut! Sinks! Lighting strikes! Ded.
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Well, Hadrix is reassigned to Mon Cal."

<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Oran goes straight from the meeting to the swimming pool."
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "I need the chlorine to kill all this Artemis cooties"
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "Is it not the most amusing place we have to idle though? Haha. We have a damn pool."
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "I think in terms of 'coolness' that would be the observation lounge."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix sets up Hadrix in a Speedo in the multi-desc and plans his new idle spot ;)
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "Mankini."
<First Order-OOC> Oran Arcantael says, "Hell yeah brother"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "I accept your terms, Art"
<First Order-OOC> Artemis says, "'I require the extra support, sir.'"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix cleans up more tea...

-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "You know Drath, you can't even feel bad. You barrel rolled an assault lander through a wall."
-(OOC)- Drath says, "Yea, still reeling from that xD"
-(OOC)- Artemis says, "Way more awesome than just shooting people."
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Like... Everyone else but Artemis probably has that on their bucket list. Artemis would be adding 'shoot down a barrel rolling dropship' I suspect"
-(OOC)- Duke says, "Am I still allowed to have a bucket list after my first death?"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Yes. Bucket List 2: Bucket Lister"
-(OOC)- Drath is on that one.
-(OOC)- Artemis says, "Dual-wielding rifles full tilt, doing a slow barrel-roll between two airborne trooper carriers, and piercing the cockpit of a pursuing craft to take out the pilot, before safely landing in the other carrier."
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "K. Artemis wins."

<First Order-OOC> Avery says, "You remind me of the babe."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "What babe?"
<First Order-OOC> Avery says, "The babe with the power."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "What power!?"
<First Order-OOC> Avery says, "The power of voodoo."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "Who do?"
<First Order-OOC> Avery says, "You do."
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "Do what?"
<First Order-OOC> Avery says, "Remind me of the babe."
<First Order-OOC> Drath wants to watch Dude Where's My Car now.
<First Order-OOC> Dawud says, "What's mine say?!"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "I saw mah bay-bay! Cryin' hard as babe could cry! What could I do? My baby's love had gone, and left mah bay-bay bluuue!"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "I think Oran has made Dude Where's My Car jokes about you and I, IC, Drath XD"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix saw that in theaters...
<First Order-OOC> Drath says, "Witcha old ass."

-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "TF you bought a bow for, lol"
-(OOC)- Avery says, "also, apparently I'm nimbly pimbly"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "SHUT UP ORAN."
-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "lolol"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "Like you haven't made stupid impulse purchases before!"
-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "Does it use primitive?"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "Projectile I believe"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "Primitive."
-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "Do you have primitive?"
-(OOC)- Drath says, "No xD"
-(OOC)- Duke says, "Good thing that every bit of technology in the Galaxy doesn't outclass a bow and arrow in every way."
-(OOC)- Duke says, "SOLID PURCHASE"

(:Public:) Hadrix(904) says, "DROOOOOP-SHIIIIP! You don't gotta put on the red light! Drop off the Vanguard soldiers, don't care if the cause is right.... DROOOOOOOP-SHIIIIIIIIP!"
(:Public:) Hadrix(904) says, "That was the best mav."
(:Public:) Aurora(Rori) laughs
(:Public:) Zul Gradnk(Zul) laughs :D "Should I feel scared? I knew I was annoying, but no need to kill me! A single soldier suffices, you don't need to call in an army."
(:Public:) Hadrix(904) says, "Avery got Roxanne in my head... and I keep re-writing lyrics..."
(:Public:) Aurora(Rori) tacks that mav as a quote of Hadrix :P
(:Public:) Avery(1004) says, "11/10"
(:Public:) Hadrix(904) says, "You should see my blooper reel on the wiki"
(:Public:) Aurora(Rori) says, "this needs to be added!!"
(:Public:) Adhar Gann(Addy) says, "Yes a good mav, my friend, a good mav. Gold star for you."
<First Order-OOC> Avery stands and Citizen Kane applauds for Hadrix.
(:Public:) Hadrix(904) watches as Benicio Del Toro in Collecter garb pop up: *CLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAPCLAP* MAGNIFICENT! MAAAAAAGNIFICENT!!!

-(OOC)- Saturi says, "Oh. Angry mobs."
-(OOC)- Drath says, "They're mostly dead now, it's fine."

-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "Your name is AO... mine is OA.... WE ARE MIRRORS OF EACH OTHER"
-(OOC)- Hadrix ...
-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael says, "MIRRORS, HADRIX"
-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "This is undeniable..."
-(OOC)- Oran Arcantael flails wildly!!
Oran Arcantael has disconnected.

It's a special relationship

"'Member of the spy network' meaning 'darling ---'?" Oran replies, dropping the datapad chart back into a holder at the foot of the bed. "Be advised, Hadrix, I don't particularly care what you get up to in your free time but if you're painting this as Order business such that you send me down a trail of datawork finding out what mission this was and why and who ordered it -- if you waste my time -- I will personally kick your ass. That's well before I even get to whether or not 'setting a building on fire' is appropriate to Order intel missions." He frowns and nudges the much larger man on the bed. "Move to the side. Make a space."

-(OOC)- Saanvi says, "Is oran climbing into had's bed?"

"Setting the building on fire was necessary for clearing the back-trail," Hadrix notes off hand before he blinks at the notion to move. Scooting over some and muttering in clear 'barracks banter' tones, "Fine but I get to be little spoon." watching Oran for a moment before he reaches for his little juice bottle to sip. See this is why he gets shot. They don't give these juice bottles elsewhere, not even the mess. Only medical.

Oran climbs onto the bed with Hadrix, not a sentence I thought I'd ever type, but you know what, I'm not even sorry. He rolls his eyes, and intercepts the juice to move it further away. Juice DENIED. "Stop it. We're not /snuggling/, we're not /snacking/, I'm going to mend this to the extent I can." Disappointingly to everyone, he is no kind of spoon, he is sitting cross-legged on a wedge of bed that allows him to sit close enough to rest his hands on Hadrix's chest like a pair of defibrillator paddles. "Be advised this will be effective, but it will hurt, and it will take some time."

<FO Spy Network-OOC> Hadrix picks up Ravelyn and walks around ^-^
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Ravelyn says, "Hey! How dare you! I'm an intimidating figure, not a DOLL!"
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Kylo Ren says, "Ravelyns are not for carrying."
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Hadrix says, "Kylo! Look! I got my own Centerpoint Princess Ravelyn!!!"
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Ravelyn says, "I'm going to space you again."
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Hadrix says, "She rules with a heart of gold, but a fist of iron!"
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Ravelyn says, "I'm going to set all your flamer fuel on fire just to watch it burn."
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Hadrix says, "I also got her Gold Suit. It was a misprint, super rare. The helmet has a smiley face!" New Content
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Ravelyn >:
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Ravelyn >:(
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Ravelyn turns that upside-down frown back down.
<FO Spy Network-OOC> Hadrix says, "I missed you Rav"

<First Order-OOC> "Fuze" FZ-4792 says, "What up, old timer?"
<First Order-OOC> Duke says, "Oh, just work work work work"
<First Order-OOC> Duke says, "70 hour weeks, motel rooms, etc, etc"
<First Order-OOC> "Fuze" FZ-4792 grimaces.
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "Ouch :/"
<First Order-OOC> Duke says, "But it's oil field money with lots of overtime, so I can't be too mad at it."
<First Order-OOC> "Fuze" FZ-4792 says, "and nothing to spend it on in the oilfields? :)"
<First Order-OOC> Duke says, "My SO's living the highlife lol"
<First Order-OOC> Hadrix says, "So they're drinking a lot of Miller?"
<First Order-OOC> Duke says, "It's the champagne of beers ok"

Hadrix suddenly brandishes the unmistakable form of a Thermal Detonator and with the press of a button, Hadrix activates it causing it to suddenly come to life with a series of flashing lights across its metallic surface!

-(OOC)- Hadrix says, "LOOKIT THAT!! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!!!"

Hadrix depresses the activation switch of the Thermal Detonator and the small blinking lights across the weapon's surface suddenly deactivate...

-(OOC)- Lozen says, "ROTFL"