Hammerhead Corvette

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Please be aware that this ship is not available on Age of Alliances MUSH at this time. Thank you.


Hammerhead corvettes were a model of corvette that saw wide use in the period leading up to, during the Galactic Civil War and during the cold war, where they would be fielded by a rebel cell as well as the Alliance to Restore the Republic and more recently by the Resistance.


Hammerhead corvettes were inspired by a starship design that dated back centuries prior to the Imperial Era. Throughout its existence, at least two different variants of the Hammerhead corvette existed. The one most commonly seen utilized by a rebel cell as well as by their successor, the Alliance to Restore the Republic, featured its characteristic vertically-elongated bridge, a large ventral cargo bay, three dual laser cannons, and three engine units. Later modifications added two extra modules mounted to the port and starboard of the craft, six escape pods in place of the cargo bay, and a fourth sublight drive mounted on top of the primary three, giving it enough power to single-handedly move a disabled Star Destroyer.


Standard armaments for a Hammerhead corvette were three dual laser turrets, two forward and one rear.