Hart Valhoun

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Hart Valhoun was born to two loving parents on Stewjon. The initial goal of his father was to raise the boy to become a farmer, but the Force had other plans for young Valhoun. Upon displaying some acuity, Hart was taken to Coruscant to learn the ways of the Jedi Order. As a padawan, he showed great promise; smart, quick-witted, and dedicated. Training under Jedi Master Korrs Odessa, Hart was instilled with the values of the Order and they served him well through his formative years.

Upon reaching the rank of Knight, Hart and Korrs were tasked with intercepting agents of the Sith Empire en route to a meeting where they'd obtain vital information on Jedi movements and encampments. Hart and Korrs fought valiantly, but being Valhoun's first engagement with actual Sith, the young Knight was overpowered and struck down. Korrs defeated the remaining Sith acolytes, but Valhoun's prideful nature was dealt a strong blow.

Now a Master, Hart spends his days training padawans and knights alike in the ways of the Force. Seated upon the council, he also assists in the maintenance of the Jedi Order as a whole.


This human man stands at an even six feet and maintains a thin build. There were once tight muscles that hung about his frame, but time has worn them down. Hard lines are carved into his face after a life-time of expressions; good and bad. He has a head-full of grey hair with just the smallest amount of blonde, and he's wearing a full beard.

Upon his body he wears a heavy set of grayish-colored robes; obscuring all but his largest movements. Around his waist, he wears a sturdy brown belt with a lightsaber clipped onto the right-most side of it.


Hart is soft-spoken and jovial, but can be firm when required.

RP Hooks

Gardener - Hart maintains a personal garden within the temple and knows a great deal about plant-life throughout the Galaxy.

Teacher - Are you a plucky young Jedi who's interested in learning the history of the Force? Well, Hart's your man.

Swordsman - Despite outward appearances, Master Valhoun was a formidable opponent in his day.

The People

Davis Bandarra - Former padawan. Davis has grown into a fantastic swordsman, but Hart is worried that his irreverence may be his downfall.

Dumas - Hart's current student. A Miralukan and very well-versed in the theory of the Force. Not so much the practice.

So'lara - A Knight in the Order. Hart's only met her a few times, but he's impressed with her ability to keep a level head.

Enkil - A fellow Master. Smart and patient. There's nobody that Hart would rather have by his side in the thick of it.

A Master's Weapon

With a Stewjoni mynock leather handle, Hart's saber is light and easily manueverable; indicative of his mastery of Form II.

Hart Valhoun's original saber, crafted when he passed his trials.