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The Heartbreaker is a Sienar Fleet Systems Sentinel-Class landing shuttle, currently configured to carry cargo as well as a small force of boarding marines. It retains its original basic Imperial paint scheme, so as to better blend in with other shuttles and hide its purpose as a pirate raider.


The Heartbreaker is a large, rugged shuttle, made for not just cargo transport but for landing troops and vehicles in hostile territory. As such, the ship is sheathed in armor plating 25% heavier than the armor of a Lambda-class shuttle, backed by four deflector shield projectors. Despite its large size and heavy weight, It is a fast and agile ship due to its Cygnus HD7 engine array. It includes the standard Sienar Series x1 hyperdrive.

The vehicle's sensor suite is equally advanced, allowing navigation in nearly all conditions and featured infrared imaging, motion detectors, and life-form indicators. The vessel's computer also featured an automatic mapping function and a rudimentary autopilot that can pilot the vessel towards a designated landing area, and includes holocom as well a powerful communication array for reaching other ships in a wide radius inside a system.

While a Sentinel-class normally relies on a crew consisting of a pilot, a co-pilot/sensor officer, as well as three gunners, the Heartbreaker is more often crewed by its captain, Aliraet, with a contingent of boarding marines to act as gunners as needed.

The interior of the Heartbreaker can be customized for each raid, by removing or adding seating, though normally it is configured primarily for cargo and to support several squads of boarders in relative comfort. If completely converted to a personnel carrier, it can carry 50 boarders (approximately six squads) with a contingent of speeder bikes for ground assault.


The Heartbreaker retains its standard weapon loadout, consisting of 8 forward retractable fixed laser cannons, 2 forward concussion missile launchers, 1 retractable dorsal turret-mounted ion cannon, and 2 ventral retractable rotating anti-personnel repeating blasters for landing security. Three gunners were responsible for manning these weapons, which were all linked to the shuttle's precise targeting computers.