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Race: Twi'lek
Sex: Male
Profession: Mercenary
Homeworld: Ryloth
Ship: Treasure Trap



Heksash'kuri (aka Hex Ashkuri for the human crowd) is a former slave who has questionable judgement, bad habits, a lot of missing limbs, and an inexplicably classy wife.


IC lol

'"Dear mrs Hex. we are sorry to inform you that your son is dead because he left his head up his ass this morning on patrol. Please breed a smarter child and send them our way in a few years time." (Gerratt DeLong)

"I'm just like you. Only more talented... and I have both my arms and legs." (Tess Ul'Datha)

"He is stupid. You should do something about that." (Nadia Cuul to Kasia Ciph)

"You are a dick. A violent, unpredictable force of smartass, slapped with random spurts of insanity all packaged in a wirey green package." (Naelyn)

"Dammit, Hex, your ass is fat enough without eating my snacks," Tarion whines. (Tarion Tavers)

"Anybody ever tell you you're a chore, Hex?" (Dash Rendar)

OOC lol

<Resistance> Jax Greystorm says, "For some reason I see Hex showing up at the casino like he just escaped the Miami Vice set."
<Resistance> Hex says, "100% accurate Jax"
<Resistance> Yeller Sar Yavok says, "Pastel pink sports coat with the sleeves pushed up."
<Resistance> Jax Greystorm says, "lofers without socks."

Jax Greystorm (Jax) pages: Well you are the second prettiest Twi'lek on the game.

You paged Kasia Ciph and Gerratt DeLong with 'Are you saying I can't get it up?!'
Kasia Ciph (Kasia) pages Hex and Gerratt DeLong: I wouldn't explicitly say that, but I'd imply it for sure.

<Newbie> Hex will make up random Twi'lek holidays and be disappointed and resigned about humans not knowing them.
<Newbie> Zhu Yan says, "Take-Your-Slave-To-Work Day?"

<Arcadia> Sassy Heathen Stavros is going to give serious thought to calling Ryloth 'the State of Hexas' forevermore.

-(OOC)- Hex says, "Why do we even bring me?!"
Gerratt DeLong (Garr) pages: Comic Relief and an extra target

Poe Dameron (Poe) pages: Come to my bedroom
From afar, Poe Dameron (Poe) makes come hither motions.

<Newbie> Kylo Ren says, "Don't hurt my feelings. Hex hurt my feelings, once."

<Resistance> Quentin Haslett says, "Hex. Dear friend. How would you like to be the lab monkey for Arm Mounted Portable Turbolaser Cannons?"
<Resistance> Quentin Haslett says, "Just a warning, it's powered by your metabolism, so each time you fire it you'll need to eat four large helpings of McSkywalkers or you'll starve to death."
<Resistance> Gerratt DeLong says, "great feed into 2 of his bad habits. unintentional mayhem and Crimes against cuisine."

-(OOC)- Zhu Yan says, "Yay, that was brief and abrupt."
-(OOC)- Zhu Yan says, "Much like Kasia and Hex's sex life."

-(OOC)- Jehni'va Cihn says, "Revel in my anxious stool, peasants"

You paged Wodi Corcer with 'Well let me know when you're not on your phone you nerd'
Wodi Corcer (Wodi) pages: I can RP on my phone!
You paged Wodi Corcer with 'but can you RP on your phone WELL'
Wodi Corcer (Wodi) pages: I can't RP anywhere well

<Newbie> Ratch says, "Hey, does anyone know what 'Great Shout' actually does?"
<Newbie> Tess Ul'Datha says, "I hope something great."
<Newbie> Ratch says, "You'd think, right?"
<Newbie> Tess Ul'Datha says, "But it probably summons Hex."
<Newbie> Ratch says, "Hey Cujo, I need to delete a feat immediately..."

<Defiance> Tylin Creel says, "Hex your opinion matters when Kasia says it does. :P"

<Defiance> Wizard of Aus Zhu Yan says, "Fuck you Hex you philistine you wouldn't know talent if it slapped you in the face with a contrabassoon."

<Defiance> #-1 INVALID ANSI DEFINITION: 36m 'Ringo' Tarion Tavers says, "Am I still a noob?"

From afar, Sar Yavok (Sar) wouldn't mind being blind for life.
From afar, Sar Yavok (Sar) wouldn't have to look at you in disappointment, anymore.

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers is an Allen wrench. "Can't be found when you need it, and never the right fit for the job."

-(OOC)- Corr Waldin says, "I feel like you live on a steady diet of expired food and shame."


-(OOC)- Hex says, "MORTH WE'RE TSING"
-(OOC)- Morth says, "Why do you think I'm here?"
-(OOC)- Hex says, "Gimme those fish hugs."
-(OOC)- Morth already nekkid.

Raim Shah (Raim) pages: You're like a damn fat Ninja

<Public> Sar Yavok says, "Quentin used half my brain for a mean-tempered microwave."

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "Hey, Hex, it's okay to be garbage. It's garbage /can/ not garbage /can't/"


<Defiance> Mi dahma Zhu Yan says, "Hex do you want some crystal meth in the shape of a sword?"
<Defiance> Hex says, "Yeah"
<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri says, "Dammit Yan"

<Public> Honest Zhu Yan says, "Hex +fingered me and said "Oh, you're a snuggler" and it kinda just snowballed from there."

Jax Greystorm (Jax) pages: Did you buy Hex a suit of Junk armor?
You paged Jax Greystorm with 'No but I was seriously tempted.'
Jax Greystorm (Jax) pages: One of a kind, made of trash, and loud. That screams Hex.

<Defiance> Naelyn says, "Hey, Kasia cannot have all the hot Twi'Lek action, okay?"
<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "I wasn't aware Kasia was getting any hot Twi'lek action"

<Defiance> Hex says, "I need a dumber spouse."
<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri says, "I don't have that problem."

-(OOC)- Trillian Taim says, "Eww. I got smooth jizz in my ear canal..."

-(OOC)- Arvis Locke says, "Not sure why you think we'd let you be stormtroopers, but alright."
-(OOC)- Hex says, "Look"
-(OOC)- Hex says, "Just cause my head doesn't fit in the hat"
-(OOC)- Hex says, "Is no reason not to let me be a stormtrooper"
-(OOC)- Arvis Locke says, "Alright. Well, how many limbs do you have?"
-(OOC)- Arvis Locke says, "Also, are you five and capable of being brainwashed?"
-(OOC)- Tarion Tavers says, "Mentally, yes"
-(OOC)- Hex says, "Two... no... yes."
-(OOC)- Tarion Tavers says, "We are killing this interview."

(:Public:) Moergog hopes nobody wants to make me into glue
(:Public:) Hex says, "I'm definitely glue material"
(:Public:) Tess Ul'Datha says, "You can barely hold yourself together."

Ryo Odessa (Ryo) pages: I refuse to believe that Hex Ashkuri hasn't been chained to a Hutt in a metal bikini at least once in his life.

-(OOC)- Crash Nova says, "Everything is going to start in media res, so we don't have to waste an hour with everyone posing 'Hex walks in. He's wearing his tightest pants to show off the balls that Kasia allowed him to borrow for the mission.'"
-(OOC)- Grom says, "The lady controlling the balls is wearing smasher armor. ...ominous."

<Defiance> Jehni'va Cihn says, "Hex's assless chaps add -10 Repulsion Debuff to all enemies within 60ft"

<Defiance> Tarion Tavers says, "No I'm fine I'm just dramatic"

(:Public:) Oozlevort(oo) says, "shut up Hex"

<Defiance> Hex says, "We settle this like MEN, Ryo."
<Defiance> Hex says, "Bitchy pages at dawn."
<Defiance> Debonair Corsair Ryo Odessa says, "Kissing contest."
<Defiance> Hex says, "lol lol"
<Defiance> Kasia Ashkuri says, "I'm into all of this."