Hidden Grotto Winery

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A winery and distillery, established in 114 BBY and went into foreclosure only two years ago, has been purchased by an off-world corporation from Nar Shaddaa. The acquisition of historic Naboo businesses by off-worlders is rare, so the fact that it was purchased by a business in Hutt space came as a bit of a shock to some of the locals.

The winery, which has been maintained though not making sales during the foreclosure process, is located deep in the Panamae Mountain range and is one of only a small number of wineries who produce Nabooian Blossom Wine, each producer adding their own flare to their wine, based on the flora that grows in their specific region.

Originally founded by the Roona family of Naboo, the winery stayed a family business until a tragic shuttle accident claimed the lives of nearly an entire generation. Ax of the Waywards Guild on Nar Shaddaa made all the necessary arrangements for the purchase, using the business as a secondary base of operations, and unbeknownst to the public, a means of smuggling escaped slaves to somewhere outside of Hutt space. From the winery, the escaped slaves are either given work at a fair wage or find assistance to get back to their homeworlds or find their families.