Idan Jensa

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The First Beginning

Ah, the idyllic Neimoidian childhood of growing from a grub amid enforced scarcity, fear, competition, and starvation. Yeah, childhood on Neimoidia was rather terrible, and it left an effect on the boy: though he survived, early malnourishment left him shorter and skinnier than most of his species. He was cunning, true, but so were those around him. Family ties were distant, as is common, but they existed. To Idan, the sky and galaxy beyond his foggy little corner of the world represented endless possibilities of how life could be better: freedom, wealth, opportunity… everything that was better than tending underground fungus farms. While calling him empathetic is flat wrong, Idan did develop a curious tendency to punch up at the powerful, rather than exploit those weaker than himself (metaphorically, of course; if Idan threw a punch, he might break his hand).

He started at the very bottom. His people jealously guard their ranks and opportunities, and Idan realized as a teenager that he would have to make his own opportunities.

So he lied.

He lied his way into the governor's house as a servant, he stole a secretary’s datapad, he falsified documents, all to get himself out of the fields and into the business. He was found out, of course; come on, even a brilliant teenager wasn't going to successfully slice into the secure database of a conglomerate on his first attempt. But it got him noticed, and that was just as good. He caught the governor on a good day, and his efforts were seen as amusing; commendable, even.

The New Beginning

Idan has bravely struck out on his own*. (*: a rival orchestrated his expulsion from the conglomerate on Neimoidia; her accusations happened to be untrue, but Idan had to admire the maneuver. You live by the lie, you die by the lie) He fled to Hutt Space, where Idan promptly set about forming connections toward the object of dragging himself up the ladder of success. He started from nothing before, he would do it again, all he needed was to make the opportunity. A chance meeting with another stranded spacer sparked an idea, and shortly thereafter, the Traders Union was formed.