Iggy Odessa

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Theme Songs

They say I got brains, but they ain't doing me no good


Unaccustomed to traveling around the galaxy, Iggy Odessa hs left the comfort of his home on Corellia in search of his long, lost brother.

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Like a teapot, the man before you stands on the shorter end of the spectrum and is most certainly stout. Warm and olive in complexion, his doughy cheeks and belly could be characterized as baby fat. But given the subtle lines line on his face and the overgrown stubble on his upper lip and jaw, it most certainly is the cruel consequences of age. His thick black hair stands in a mussed pompadour as if he just woke from a nap and never bothered to fix it. Rectangular black-framed glasses help with his poor vision. They are often a little crooked and he sets them straight with his calloused, worker's hands.

Much like his overall physical appearance, his clothes are also given just as little thought. Most of his body is covered with overall shorts made of strong khaki-colored denim. The t-shirt beneath is a faded red from multiple washes - the peeling vinyl print beneath reads "Greetings from Coronet City." High wool socks and durable boots protect his feet, and there's a slight jingle when he walks, from the tools carried in his various pockets and black fanny pack, which he wears backwards.

OOC Stuff

-(OOC)- Ryo Odessa says, "IGGY, NO"

-(OOC)- Atrel Katah says, "Iggy I am going to build a big Terrarium and put you in it and keep you."