Jaron Alde

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Jaron Tavon Corvik Alde

Title: Duke
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Senator
Profession: Politician
Homeworld: Alderaan
Organization: New Republic
Ship: Only his butler knows for sure.


Jaron had just turned 18 and was offworld enjoying the fruits of his majority as most extremely wealthy brats of high society often do when Alderaan was shattered into a billion pieces and the lives of his family, his people and his culture were silenced. He crawled into a bottle for about a week when he heard that Princess Leia was still alive and immediately threw his lot in with the rebellion. Turning his knowledge in slicing and his ability to blend into various social classes into a burgeoning spy career, he learned the trade through trial and error until he got good at it.
Of course, this also means that a lot of what he's done for the Rebellion and the Resistance after it isn't very well known. But he was always around. Always on an operation. Always in the trenches. Then he retired to D'Qar to help his people rebuild and assume the mantle of his House once again. Naturally, the First Order does not like open resistance in any fashion and Alderaanians resettling anywhere are sure to be problematic. So they tried to assassinate him by blowing up his speeder. He lived. Two years of medical treatments, rehabilitation, reconstruction and physical therapy finally had him back on his feet again as a show of pure defiance and proof of the indomitable will of the Alderaanian people.
Naturally, this caught the attention of the political powers of New Alderaan and he found himself elected to be their representative to the New Republic Senate.

RP Hooks

  • Republic Senator from New Alderaan - Yes, sure, the planet does not yet have full representation but it surely will soon. Would you like to curry favor? Maybe you're not much of a cook and prefer bribery. Care to try?
  • Duke of the House of Alde - The oldest of the Alderaanian noble houses and for which the planet was named. Care to join the cause? We have pie. No, you cannot share ancient Alderaanian recipe.
  • Rebellion Era Spy - Shhhhhhhh, we do not talk about Spy Club. He speaks Bothese. Why? Because you can't get anywhere trying to pass information around without knowing one of those fuzzy ba.. fellows.

New Alderaan