Jax Greystorm

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Jax Greystorm

Title: Jedi Knight
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Occupation: Saving the Galaxy when no one's paying attention.
Profession: Jedi
Homeworld: Corellia
Organization: The Irregulars, Saber Squadron, Jedi Order, and the Waywards
Ship: Painted Guardian & Thunderbolt



Jax Greystorm is the oldest child of Kort and Ambrosia Greystorm. The Greystorms raised Jax and his younger siblings, Aora and Wedge, on Corellia not far from Coronet City. His parents running Greystorm Shipping. His father did the flying and his Mother handled the logistics and scheduling. He grew up with cousins and extended family around. His cousin Kael Greystorm was often his constant shadow when they were younger and growing to Jax's best friend in their teenage years. Kadi Suuryet lived down the street and occasionally got mixed up in the young Jax's shenanigans. As a young man, Jax joined Corsec Academy and accepted into Flight School. His skills as a pilot always out shinned his lack of respect, insubordination, and trouble making and kept him in the program. Though in his final year a series of incidents lead to Kael and him both being expunged from Corsec Academy. The pair of cousins set out to make a mark throughout the galaxy putting the skills the acquired in Corsec to make their fortune.

Kael and Jax were down and out on Nar Shaddaa looking for work with no ship of their own. They had talked to a legitimate business man and ship captain, Ax, for potentially working for the Echani. When Kadi Suuryet came wondering back into their lives. Also Jax's mother was on the Smuggler's Moon for other reasons that Jax did not want to ask. This also lead to Jax meeting Dr. Sesti Gath, who knew Jax's mother. A faitful meeting at the Meltdown Cafe lead to this group in a fighter with a gang of slavers trying to capture a young Wookiee, Gaarurra. This would lead to the formation of the Waywards Spacer Guild on Nar Shaddaa forming and something a gang war with the slavers. Jax worked closely with Ax in expanding the guild and ending the war with the slavers. He got closers to Sesti. Then the General Leia Organia came knocking about the same time the First Order attacked Nar Shaddaa. Jax, Sesti, Gaarurra, and Ambrosia left to join the Resistance. Jax spit his time fighting the First Order and running with the Waywards.

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