Jayla Shane

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Jayla's life wasn't exactly a simple one. On the surface, her parents were respectable business owners. But she knows that in the past they operated on both sides of the law and on both sides of a war. Her father was everything from a Storm Trooper to a Rebel to a Pirate and her mother was a computer Slicer who often accompanied him on his... jobs. For all that, she had a comfortable upbringing and was well-educated. Taking more after her father than her mother, Jayla learned to shoot and to pilot starships at a fairly young age. Both parents were officially retired to more legitimate pastimes, but there were still regular visits by less-savory contacts. Jayla watched and she listened and she learned.

In time, Jayla got her own ship and went into business for herself as a free-trader. Street-smarts came easy to her, and it didn't hurt having some name-drops from her parents along the way.

Everything was going just fine for Jayla, and then her parents just went off the grid. It's not like they were killed, because there weren't any bodies or even signs of struggle. They just... vanished. She looked and she asked, but the trail simply went cold. While she didn't use it very much, Jayla had always kept the invisible life-line back to her parents. And now it was gone.

Jayla ran a successful trading operation out of Nar Shaddaa for a while, flying a modified Mon-Cal Clearwater freighter. She was affiliated with the Waywards, an independent trade guild, and has been seen wearing their colors. Rumors also had her associating closely with the Array Consortium as well. Then Captain Shane disappeared. In time her hangar on Nar Shaddaa was repossessed and sold.

Months passed, and then rumors of Jayla's (now Jay's) return began floating around the Smuggler's Moon. Captain Shane is almost always armored and heavily armed, preferring to keep her helmet in place. Apparently the jogan fruit doesn't fall too far from the tree.

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